Don’t Sweat it Out: The Key to Stress-free Moving

July 16, 2019
couple unpacking their thing in their new apartment

Moving into a new home is a major undertaking that can cause a lot of stress and consume a significant amount of time. In fact, moving can sometimes be as daunting as a divorce or a breakup due to the number of changes it brings to someone’s life.

There are various reasons for moving. For example, growing families may need more space for coming offsprings. Many people also relocate for job-related purposes such as being designated to a branch or office in a different location or starting a new occupation altogether.

Whatever the reason, it’s obvious that moving is necessary to achieve your goals. Thus, your stress shouldn’t hinder you from accomplishing this venture. You can fight the feeling of being overwhelmed by simply planning ahead of time. Here are tips to take note of before a move:

Hire a Moving Company

Getting the assistance of professional movers is critical. Sure, you can rent a moving vehicle and ask a few friends to get together and help you move your belongings, but that is not an ideal method. Finding a licensed and insured mover is better to ensure the safety of your packed and contained possessions.

Expert movers know how to pack specialty items to prevent damage, as well as lift and carry heavy furniture and boxes in a proper and timely manner. Of course, you do want a moving service that won’t drill a hole in your pocket, so do some research and choose one that is reasonably priced. Better yet, get a quote from long-distance van lines to know the estimated moving cost.

Downsize Your Belongings

Reduce the number of items you’re taking and only pack the ones that you truly intend to use in the future. This allows you to cut down on moving expenses. Besides, why pay for the transportation of stuff you won’t end up using in your new home anyway?

Do an inventory of all your possessions and get rid of things you no longer need or are too damaged to fix up. You can even hold a garage sale to earn some cash while simultaneously ridding yourself of unnecessary objects.

Contact Your Utility Providers

It’s vital to contact your providers and transfer the utilities between your old and new home. These include water, electricity, cable TV, and the Internet. Schedule a disconnection and reconnection with your current utility companies. However, if you’re moving across the country or to a new state, chances are you need to sign up for the services of other companies.

Don’t skip this part because you’ll only face the hassle when you reach your new residence and realize that there’s no available water or electricity in place.

Update Your Postal Address

person sending postal letters

Before the designated move-in date, change your postal address so your mail can reach you regularly. Mail delivery interruption can be inconvenient and even cause problems.

Changing your address is a relatively easy and simple task that can be completed either in person at your local post office or online by visiting the United States Postal Service’s official website. Alternatively, you can ask the new tenants in your old place to send your mail to your new address. But, it’s far better to not cause trouble to others and to receive your mail on time.

Moving can indeed be stressful, but being prepared and obtaining professional help can drastically lessen your load.

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