Simplifying the Daunting Process of Moving Across the Country

June 5, 2019
Close Up Of Man Carrying Sofa As He Moves Into New Home

Moving across the country is a logistical challenge for any family. By dividing your moving checklist into three major points, you and your family can simplify your to-do list of priority tasks.

Moving across the country is a daunting undertaking for most people. The impact of moving across states is especially apparent when you’re moving with family rather than by yourself.

You might find the logistics of the matter mind-boggling, especially given the vast distances between Adelaide and various other cities in the country. The services of an experienced moving company can help relieve some of the jitters out of interstate transport and allay worries that come with moving cities.

The chores you would need to do throughout the moving process are staggering. Dividing most of the prep work into three major steps can help streamline the process.

Advanced Preparations

Keep a soft copy of your invoices and records throughout the move to resolve any queries you may have. You should also prepare a budget for your big move and stay as close to it as possible. Incorporate both the costs of a reputable mover and incidental expenses such as packaging materials and treats for the moving personnel.

If you are moving because of a new job, ask your new employers if they have any relocation assistance benefits to help you and your family throughout the moving process.

Everything that can be done remotely should be done in advance. You should, as soon as possible, have the utilities set up no sooner than on the day you arrive. Your new postal address should also be updated as soon as possible to all pertinent people and organisations, which would include magazine subscriptions, organisation memberships, and credit card companies.

Travel Light

You can’t always take everything with you. The sheer distances involved in moving interstate mean that costs and time will constrict you and your family’s ability to bring everything. Prioritise the essentials—vital pieces of furniture, clothes, personal possessions, and keepsakes—and let go of anything else that you can’t justifiably keep.

Use this need to cut back as an opportunity. Moving across states may be just the ticket to finally get around to decluttering your household and dispatching items that you do not truly need. How you define what not to keep will vary, but there are a few good places to start. For furniture items, keep only what can fit in your new home.

Once you’ve settled on which items to part with, separate them from the items you plan to bring with you and dispatch them. Large and small items can be sold in garage sales for extra money. Anything that cannot be sold at the time could be disposed of, donated to worthy charities, or given as parting gifts to good friends.


couple packing their things

An undertaking as complex as moving between states should not be taken lightly. Preparations for a distant move should be done well in advance to ensure that actual moving day goes smoothly. If you have plenty of time, use that to create a well-organised timetable to assist you and your family in getting everything ready for the big day.

Systematising your move should be done early on. Boxes should be carefully labelled to ensure that the movers would know where to place them for easy and systematic unpacking once there. While waiting for the big day, it might be high time to get brushed up on packing tips and tricks to further simplify the packing and unpacking process for you and your family.

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