Winter Home Improvement Tips: Staying Warm in a Bright Place

September 21, 2021
Staying Warm

Winter is coming. And so are the days of staying indoors and catching up on your favorite shows. But, there’s also more time for home improvement projects! If you want to get started with some simple tasks, we’ve got six tips that will help make your house a little more comfortable (and maybe even save you some money).

Add a Rug to your Living Room for Warmth and Insulation.

Have a cozy winter by adding rugs to your living room. Rugs are great insulators that will keep you warm without needing the heat turned up at all times, and they’re also easy to clean if there are any accidents with pets or children running around. Rugs are also great at absorbing sound around the house so that you can experience more peace. Don’t forget about all of the awesome color combinations you can get!

Use Thermal Window Panels in Addition to Curtains

Curtains help insulate the house to some degree, but what happens during the chilly winter mornings when the air blowing inside through the windows cannot be stopped by these heavy curtains either? Instead of putting up curtains on open windows that aren’t well-insulated on their own, invest in window panels! Window panels are a great companion (or replacement) to the traditional heavy curtains and will keep your room insulated, allowing natural light into the room during the day.

These are an inexpensive addition that will make a living in a house full of windows much more pleasant! You won’t have to worry about rips or tears either because they’re less likely to happen than traditional curtains. They’re also really easy to clean, so just wipe them down with soap and water if they get dirty.

Cover Your Vents with Insulation

In winter, 40% of energy loss is due to uninsulated or poorly insulated windows and doors. Check all doors and windows during the winter months to make sure they’re properly sealed. You want to stop cold air from seeping in during the winter months. If you have a draft coming into the home, it means the heat will escape through that area too! This can increase heating bills quickly.

If you want to stop warmth from escaping through these areas, make sure they’re shut close at all times and are covered with insulating materials such as secondary glazing or draught curtains or air sealed with low-pressure spray foams.


Maintain your Heater

One of the best ways to prepare for the cold is by maintaining your heater before winter. To help ensure that you have a safe, warm winter, there are a few things you can do in preparation now:

  • Check your filters and clean them if necessary
  • Check your thermostat’s settings to see what they’re set at
  • Ensure all heating system parts are working correctly (including vents), and make sure everything is properly grounded.

And if the heater looks like it needs professional care, then hire an HVAC technician to fix any issues and change filters before the cold season, so you don’t have to worry about spending nights freezing.

Clean Out your Fireplace and Chimney

It’s always a good idea to clean out your fireplace before winter. Not only will it keep you warm, but it can also be used for extra cooking when the weather gets cold! Ensure you have an inspection of your chimney, so there aren’t any problems with clogs or leaks.

However, it is not only important to clean out your fireplace and chimney before winter; you should also do so before summer- as this can help prevent creosote buildup, which could lead to a chimney fire.

Get Rid of Clutter From the Previous Season

It’s time to get rid of the clutter from the previous season before winter hits. Put all summer clothes away; you won’t need these anytime soon. Save more of what you’d need to get through winter- warm sweaters, hoodies, jackets, woolen caps, thermal layering, boots, and everything thick and warm.

You also want to make sure that you keep your house clean and mess-free, especially if you have space heaters. Avoid keeping the heater close to anything that can burn- curtains, a pile of clothes, flammable liquids. This will help avoid fires that could potentially cause damage to the house or injuries to people.

Make a list of things that need to be repaired or replaced – like broken appliances, faulty light switches/fixtures, etc. And don’t forget about life’s little necessities! So stock up on toilet paper and dishwashing liquid while you’re at it- you never know when it may get too cold to step outside of the house!

With these simple tips, you can make your home more comfortable before winter arrives. Make sure you have a draft-free home, maintain your heater, add rugs to your living room, use window panels instead of curtains, remove any clutter from home – especially if you have space heaters, and get rid of all the stuff in your closet.

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