Why It Is Important to Apply Sealer on Asphalt Roads

May 27, 2019
Truck on an asphalt road

Asphalt and concrete have made roads smoother to walk on and navigate. In fact, these make up 90 percent of US driveways. While asphalted roads and driveways are meant to last for years, they are still prone to damages over time. For one, concrete cracks can occur, the more the road is used.

The damage can be more evident on unsealed concrete or asphalt roads. Water and moisture can also seep in through unsealed roadways. It can result in cracks and damages because asphalt roads have porous properties.

There are asphalt sealing companies you can find in West Valley City. Asphalt sealing helps in retaining the asphalt’s lifespan. It also offers durability from all types of weather and road traffic.

Why asphalt sealing is important

There are many reasons concrete sealing is important. Experts recommend sealing concrete roadways around every four to five years. Among benefits of concrete sealing include the following:

  • It protects against cracks and premature damage – As mentioned, concrete is a porous material. Meaning, it can absorb moisture that can result in damage and cracks over time. By sealing concrete, it can lessen, if not eliminate completely, the occurrence of cracks due to water and moisture.
  • It enhances the road way’s appearance – Concrete sealing provides a protective barrier that makes the roadway look like new. Roadways also fade over time, and sealing can help restore that original shine.
  • It can help prolong the concrete road’s lifespan – Sealing protects the concrete’s surface against moisture and general wear and tear. In effect, it can help extend the concrete’s lifespan than others without sealing.

Before applying concrete sealing chemicals on the driveway, it is important to know the right application. Also, you should understand why it is important in the first place. You should also decide whether to do it yourself or hire a professional.

Preparing for concrete sealing

Concrete road constructionConcrete road sealing preparation can take an entire day to accomplish — drying time included. Experts recommend applying two sealant coats. The sealer should be dried for eight hours before the next coat application. Here are also important things to avoid during concrete sealing:

  • Do not use the concrete sealer to cover up cracks and damages. Instead, fix the cracks first before applying sealer.
  • Make sure to stir the sealer properly. Also, use a squeegee or any applicator specified by the manufacturer.
  • Clean the roadway first of debris and dirt before applying sealer.

Make sure to check the weather before commencing on the road sealing project. Experts recommend a temperature of above 50 degrees Fahrenheit upon sealer application. A temperature that is too hot can dry the sealer too fast and may not be as effective.

Hiring a professional

On the one hand, some people would prefer doing the sealing themselves. There are a lot of articles about DIY concrete sealing online.

If you are a DIY buff and feeling confident, you can do the job by yourself. Otherwise, it may be a good idea to let professionals handle the job. They have the right equipment and tools to ensure a job well done.

Concrete roads also need some kind of protection. Applying sealer will ensure longer lifespan and protection against any types of damage.

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