You’re Spending Too Much Time On Yard Work

July 27, 2021
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We are big fans of home improvement because of the amount of fun and value you get with your time, especially with projects involving yard work and landscaping, and just how impactful they can be on overall curb appeal. Plus, there’s nothing more gratifying than feasting your eyes with a beautiful front lawn and an extravagant backyard to match, fully knowing that you put your back into every inch that looks gorgeous today.

However, one major gripe we have with yard maintenance is the amount of time new homeowners end up spending just to keep things looking clean and posh when they could be using their free time elsewhere. In fact, some people even take pride in dedicating entire weekends just to maintain the overall appeal, which we think is just too much of a responsibility and an inefficient way to use your days off.

#1 Your Front Lawn Is Way Too Big

One reason as to why you might be spending too much time on yard work is the sheer size of your front lawn and how its coverage is a bit too disproportionate to your home. Sure, some people do get a kick out of mowing, trimming, and fertilizing their grass to the point of perfection, but we strongly advise people not to go overboard. There’s a line you don’t want to pass that we’re afraid too many homeowners are crossing without any second thoughts, and it’s something you’ll come to regret later down the road.

  • Downsizing With Plants And Shrubs: An excellent way to go about downsizing the yard you have to maintain is switching out corners and other edges with plants and shrubs. For example, planting low-maintenance perennials will give your front lawn a gorgeous backdrop for little upkeep, and that’s not accounting for the fact that they last all year long, with winter as the downtime.
  • Replace With More Functional Space: If you’re not that into more green or are already working with enough plants as of the moment, another way to go about downsizing your front lawn is by replacing it with more functional space. For example, building a front yard patio will cover a lot of ground and even net you a place to have breakfast and lunch when the dinner table feels a bit cramped.

#2 Expensive Features And Intricate Decor

While we are strong advocates of paying that premium price to get top-notch quality, an overabundance of expensive features and intricate decor is a common denominator to spending too much time on yard maintenance. Yes, we won’t deny that they absolutely look divine when the overall design is put into question but is it really worth spending that much just to end up spending even more of your precious hours to keep it looking great?

  • Opt For Affordability And Durability: Luckily enough, opting for affordability and durability is not only good for your wallet but can actually help with looks as well. For example, instead of switching to steel ornamental fencing that will cost you quite a bit, why not consider vinyl fences that look just as great and can last you years with just a hose wash every weekend.
  • Tone Down Your Decorations: We are all for the resurging trend of eclectic approaches to design and more modern-contemporary looks, but we also believe that many yards, back and front, could tone down their decorations a bit. In doing so, you will have a lot less to worry about for cleaning and will give your centerpieces a better spotlight in the end.

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#3 Beautiful Yet Infamous Trees

Last but not least, while bulldozing trees with zero regard for the consequences is a no-go, we want to remind everyone that these beautiful features are also infamous for adding a lot of yard maintenance work onto your plate. Yes, the shade it will provide can perfect that classic home aesthetic, but we strongly advise everyone to think twice about planting one on your lawn.

  • Can Wreak Havoc Below The Ground: Some trees have roots that can be pretty destructive over the long term, and as a result, they end up hurting your home’s foundation and compromising the structural integrity of the property. In some cases, other trees don’t have such a strong root system and can be easily upended during severe weather and storms.
  • Time-Intensive Investments: Apart from the damage they can do underground, trees are time-intensive investments that will take a lot of work, effort, and consistency before you get to enjoy any of its benefits. Of course, you’re doing a big part of helping the environment, but understand that it will be long before you see this cute little sprout grow into that massive tree you’re dreaming about.

Keep Things Pleasant And Simple

Overall, while we applaud those willing to spend extra time on yard maintenance, we think it’s far better for new homeowners to keep things pleasant and simple. Later on, you’ll have plenty of time and resources to experiment, but it’s far better to play safely in the earlier stages of homeownership.

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