Why You Should Probably Take a Break from Watching Home Improvement Shows

July 15, 2021
couple watching home improvement

Home improvement shows have steadily gained popularity in recent years. They’re quite addictive. They can also be inspirational for many viewers. For instance, they can get a lot of ideas on how they would want their homes to look like after renovation.

These shows can also be educational to some extent. For example, some shows teach viewers DIY home repairs and improvement projects. Each step of a project is explained and demonstrated, so they are easy to follow.

It’s also notable that more people are watching home improvement shows because of the rise of interest in home renovation in the past year. They’re stuck at home due to restrictions on outdoor activity during a global pandemic. As a result, these people are realizing what their homes are lacking and what needs to be repaired and improved.

Being a fan of home improvement shows isn’t bad. But it’s also not a good idea to solely rely on these shows for inspiration if you’re thinking about renovating your home soon.

Carbon-copy Homes

Home improvement shows highlight only certain home designs and styles. They’re usually already in trend or already popular. So viewers are likely to follow that trend to be part of the “cool house club” when they have their homes renovated. Some examples include rustic interior design, plain white walls with minimalist frame artworks, and the “Japandi” style which is a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian designs, among others.

As a result, new homes are starting to look like they’re carbon copies of each other. If you only choose designs that you saw in home improvement shows, your house is going to look like everyone else’s. Your home should have more personality. And this means that you don’t always have to follow the trends in interior design.

You can take inspiration from these trends, of course. Maybe there’s a design you like but don’t know how to execute. So you can use home improvement shows to guide you. But make sure that your home’s design still aligns with your personal aesthetic and reflects who you are. This way, you’ll add personality to your home and set it apart from other’s homes.

Misconceptions about TAT

People who are avid home improvement show viewers may get the wrong idea about the turnaround time (TAT) of renovations. For example, in these shows, some homes are fully renovated or redesigned in less than 24 hours.

Some changes do take only a few hours. For example, the installation of an air-conditioning unit generally takes four or more hours. But renovation and remodeling can take months. For instance, the average TAT for a kitchen remodeling is three to five months.

Home renovation shows can give you the wrong idea about the time needed to make big changes in a home. And this can lead to disappointment and may even cause problems with your contractor if they can’t meet your expectations regarding TAT.

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Wrong Idea About Costs

Aside from TAT, viewers may also get the wrong idea about costs if they watch too many home improvement shows.

Homeowners who get into these shows often get discounts on design and renovation costs. These discounts may be offered due to the free publicity for designers and contractors.

Since the discounts are not disclosed in shows, you may become misinformed about the prices of certain repairs and home projects. And you may get disappointed or frustrated when you find out the actual numbers.

Decorating for Others

Many people on social media love to share photos and videos of their homes. Some might post photos of only certain spaces, such as their work desk, kitchen, or bedroom. Meanwhile, others post full-blown house tour videos on YouTube.

These photos and videos often gain a lot of traction. So homeowners might be inspired to decorate their homes a certain way. This way, they could also get social media attention from their peers and strangers.

It’s not really a good decision to decorate or renovate your home just so that you can show it off to others on the internet. Sure, it can be nice to get some likes and praise comments when you post photos or videos of your home on your social media accounts. But it shouldn’t be the main reason to pursue home renovation.

Home renovation shows are usually harmless. Watching them is a great pastime. They can also be stress-relieving since you can just tune out while you watch them. But if you’re planning to have a home renovation anytime soon, you might want to lie low on watching so that you don’t get too influenced by these shows.

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