The Best Strategies for Boosting Your Business Establishment’s Curb Appeal

May 27, 2020
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The main goal of every business is to grow its customer base. With a brick and mortar store, it will take more than just advertising to get people to walk through the doors to purchase goods. One of the keys to a successful and thriving physical store is having a storefront that encourages foot traffic. Maintaining excellent curb appeal is one of the best ways to do this. Here’s how you can design a store that’s worth visiting:

Keep your entryway clean

Clear your entryway of obstructions and make sure that it looks tidy and attractive. Sweep up any trash, dry leaves, and debris near your business and wipe down windows, signs, and exteriors. If you have a lawn or garden outside your store, you may want to hire professional commercial mowers to keep it tidy for you. This will save you time that you can spend tidying up other corners of your store.

Make your sign visible

People won’t visit your store if they can’t immediately tell what services and products you’re offering. Ensure that you have large, legible signs that customers can spot from a mile away. Don’t forget to be clear about what the purpose of your business is, otherwise you could lose potential clients out of confusion.

Provide ample parking space

As much as possible, try to provide a hassle-free parking experience for your clients. Make sure your parking lots have visible signage, sufficient lighting, and ample space. You’re bound to get more customers dropping by if they know they won’t have trouble figuring out where to leave their vehicle.

Advertise sales and special promotions

No one can resist a good deal. You’ll be able to attract a ton of clients by advertising items that you’ve put up for a clearance sale with easy-to-read signage on your display windows. You can also lay out a table outside your store that’s specially dedicated to these items. You can encourage impulse buys and genuine curiosity by doing so.

Consider being dog-friendly

It might be pretty risky to let dogs into your store, but if you’re a pet lover, it’s well worth it. You’ll be able to attract a certain demographic of dog-loving people that might otherwise not be able to enter other stores. Even if you can’t let dogs enter the store, simply providing a space for them to wait outside and drink water while their owner shops is already a great compromise.

Prioritise accessibility

Make your store welcoming to those with disabilities by prioritising accessibility. Provide ramps in the entrance and exits of your store, make sure your store has enough room for wheelchairs to navigate through it, and ensure that your space is well-lit.

Decorate with plants

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Breathe a bit of life into your store by decorating fresh plants. Potted plants placed by your windows, near your displays, and outside of your store can instantly make your space look lively, fresh, and sophisticated. You don’t need to provide fresh plants if you’re too busy to properly take care of them. Fake plants are great alternatives that can still get the job done.

Boosting your curb appeal means boosting foot traffic and profits in the process. These handy tips ensure that your store makes a good first impression.

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