Cleaning and Maintenance: Ways to Spruce Up Your Business

January 8, 2019
Woman vacuuming office floor

With any business, there’s a lot to accomplish for it to continue running smoothly. In addition to marketing, managing employees and accounting, there are other tasks that are just as important — including the maintenance and improvement of your business spaces.

Keeping up appearances has a huge impact on your company’s reputation. No matter what type of business you are running, you want people especially your customers to see you in the best light possible. If your office or your store looks cluttered or neglected, you’re customer’s won’t be impressed and quite possibly, will leave your establishment with a negative impression.

As a business owner, you want to present professionalism and order. Here are ideas to make subtle changes in your business space that impact the overall look and ambience.

1. Deep cleaning the flooring, walls and windows

Floor cleaning is probably done on a regular basis. Even small business have enough foot traffic to require consistent cleaning. However, dirt collects along the edges and despite your mop’s best efforts, the floor still appears dirty. At that point, it’s best to hire the services of commercial cleaning experts for your floor’s maintenance. A professional treatment will leave the floor cleaned and treated to get the best results possible.

Grime, mildew and dust build up on windows over time. Clear windows are good for your business because they let more natural light in, warming and improving the interiors of the space. They also improve the atmosphere for customers and employees.

2. Buy or replace old plants

If you don’t have plants in your office or store or you’ve been trying to nurse back half-dead plants back to health, then it might be time to consider buying new ones for your business space. Indoor plants are relatively inexpensive and they liven up an area with their lush green colours. Additionally, if your windows are usually closed to minimise unwanted temperature changes or outdoor dust and pollution, the levels of carbon dioxide are higher than the outdoors. Plants and flowers help improve the air quality of a space, removing these gases and lifting the mood of people

3. Get rid of clutter

Janitor cleaning monitor

A study from Princeton University shows that clutter has a negative impact on the task performance of people. Physical clutter in the surroundings competes for your attention, resulting in reduced performance and increased stress.

Companies that have been in business for a lengthy period of time accumulate items that aren’t being used anymore. These unnecessary items take up valuable space and make the office space or store look untidy. If there are still old desks, empty file cabinets or outdated office equipment that have taken up residence in a back room or up against a wall — be rid of them by giving them away to employees or donating them to charity.

4. Give your walls a fresh coat of paint

Sooner or later, every office or business space cries out for a fresh coat of paint. That wallpaper from twenty years ago might hold some sentimental value but adding new colours and finishes on the walls is an effective way of livening the area and sparking creativity within your team. Softer colours help workers concentrate while brighter colours in boardrooms encourage collaboration and the exchange of ideas.

Whether your company is starting to feel overcrowded or the floor area is looking dirtier every week, quick yet effective fixes are needed to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of your business spaces. Keeping things tidy and sprucing up your office or physical stores improve customer retention, employee satisfaction and your company’s overall reputation.

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