The Beauty of Your Home Depends on the Builder You Get

July 25, 2019
Two builders standing with an open blueprint discussing the interior of a half completed timber frame house

The right home builder is an essential core of a beautiful home. No, it is not just about choosing the right company to handle the building project for you, although that’s well part of it. But more than that, it is also about building a positive relationship between you and the people who are piecing your dream house together.

In any case, entrusting the fate of your dream home to a fully insured, licensed, and expert builder from among the various residential construction companies within your area sets you off to a good start. It takes a good amount of research and of collating recommendations from industry experts, real estate agents, and friends or family who have just had their house built, to do this. And it is an important step you cannot skip because everything starts and ends with the quality of service your homebuilder could provide.

Your homebuilder’s ability aside, how well you are coming along may also have an impact. But do you really need to schedule dinner parties for them? Of course not. Keeping the relationship positive between you and your builder does not require you to keep it personal.

Sometimes, that’s all that matters. Yes, your home builder is responsible for accommodating your requests, but you also have a part to play.

For one, you must make up your mind before you sit down on the table to give the final draft a go. Changing your mind too often, while work is ongoing, may derail the smooth flow of the construction. This will cost you not just money but also time.

client discusiing the blueprint with the home builder

For another, remember to be polite and respectful when communicating your concerns. Like any relationships, communication is key to ensure that you and your homebuilder are looking onto the same path. It is not okay to put off your concerns but make sure you let them know in a professional manner. Homebuilders are professionals, after all. They deserve some decency and your respect. If you do not respect them or the job they do, you should not have hired them in the first place.

Also, make sure that everything is on paper. Keeping tabs of the documents required to facilitate the building process will help make the entire experience positive and hassle-free for you and your contractor. It is also important that you have read and understood the fine prints of the building contract and ask questions or make revisions when you still have the chance to lessen the problems down the road.

The key to a positive relationship between homeowners and their builders is respect. Yes, your opinion as to the outcome of the construction is valuable. But as seasoned industry experts, their opinion must be valued as well. Always find a way to meet halfway. Your home builder would like to please you and satisfy your concerns as their precious client because they need that for their portfolios to do well in their business. But you have to understand that they’ve got a way of ‘doing their job.’ You will know when they are not performing well, and that’s when you cry foul. Blaming them, however, for things and occurrences beyond their control is unhealthy for your partnership and for the future of your dream home.

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