Selling Your Home? Take Note of These Pest Inspection Reminders

June 3, 2020
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Home buyers are extremely sharp-eyed, scrutinizing every part of your house to make sure they are getting a good deal. One of the things they thoroughly check for is pest infestation. Pests, such as termites, rats, or roaches, can cause structural damage to the property, which means a cash-siphoning project for the buyer.

As a seller, you want to verify the condition of your property before putting it on the market. If you haven’t maintained a termite control solution in the last couple of years, then a thorough examination is critical to ensure that the wood foundation of your house is still intact.

Pest Inspection Requirements

State and local regulations dictate whether a pest inspection is required to sell your home. You can ask your agent regarding local laws on this requirement.

If an inspection isn’t required by law, sometimes it becomes necessary when the buyer’s appraiser raises concerns about the presence of ants, termites, rats, or dry-rot. In this case, the buyer’s lender, such as FHA loans or VA loans, may demand a pest report.

When the buyer demands a pest report, you must have a licensed pest inspector do it. Appraisers, real estate agents, and even home inspectors don’t have the certification to perform this task.

In a pest report, the inspector points out the areas of concern in your house and recommends ways to address the problem. The pest company will usually provide photos to substantiate their claims.

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If you’re planning to sell your property as-is, a pest report is necessary to give the buyer a clear picture of what they’re getting. The inspection will also help them determine or negotiate the price of the property.

However, whether or not a pest inspection is required, it’s still a good idea to get a report. This will help ease your mind as well as the buyer’s. Plus, it can make your property more attractive if you volunteer the information, given that it’s all positive.

When a Pest Inspection Isn’t Required

If your home is old or is in a doubtful condition, get a pest inspection to determine the extent of the damage. Dry-rot is among the things you want to check. If you can puncture your windowsill with the tip of a pen, that’s a sign that the wood is rotten.

After the inspection uncovers the pest damage in your house, you can then move on with the solutions. Pest companies use effective methods that don’t require tenting your house, as long as the problem areas are identified.

Decayed wood needs to be removed to prevent the spread of the rot. The pest company will only cut off the affected areas, but it can still be slightly expensive. However, this investment can boost the value of your home since it’s newly repaired.

Ultimately, the examination can only benefit you and the buyer. It will reveal the problem areas of your home. You can discuss the issue of pest treatment with the buyer and decide who’ll pay for the costs. You can also use the inspection as a selling point, attracting more interested home shoppers by promising them a sturdy home that’s worth their money.

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