6 Essential Things to Do When Selling Your Home

January 22, 2019
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Letting go of the place you’ve called home for years can be challenging. However, if you’ve decided to sell it, you need to do it right. It’s important to follow the right steps during the process. You also need to prepare your family since they also have a sentimental attachment to the property.

Here are guiding principles that will help you as you plan to sell your home:

1. Fix It

It’s best to repair all the defects in your home before selling it, as it will help fetch good prices. Even the small things shouldn’t be ignored, such as a crack on the ceiling or a scratched wall. Don’t forget to repair the bathroom, too. Get water heater repair experts in St. George to ensure that the water heater system is in good condition.

Get the repairs done outside the house, as well. Check the pavements for broken patio pavers and broken shingles. Cracks in the floorboards and railings of the deck also need to be fixed to attract the interest of potential buyers.

2. Clean Up

A home that has been occupied for some time needs to be cleaned up before being sold. The walls and floors need to be thoroughly scrubbed to remove stains. The fixtures and fittings also need to be cleaned.

You can begin by cleaning up room by room or start on the top floor going down. Just don’t leave any dirty area before moving to the next one. The windows should be given special attention, as they send a strong message to potential buyers. You should also declutter areas that might have accumulated items over time, such as the kitchen and the garage.

3. Pick the Best Agent

Choose an experienced real estate agent who’s conversant with the home selling process. Proper research of the agents is required to determine the most reputable and active in the area where your home is located. Once you have identified the agent, award the entire mandate to them. This gives them time and space to get the best deal for your property.

4. Price it Accordingly

It’s important to set the correct price. Ask your agent to assess the market in the area where your home is located to know the correct price range for your property. This will help in ensuring that your property is not overpriced or underpriced, leading to losses.

5. Allow for Show

Your agent may get several serious potential buyers who may want to visit the property and view it before committing. Put the house in order at all times and maybe prepare a cup of coffee or put some beautiful flowers at a strategic place to entice buyers when they visit. Your agent should make arrangements to secure you and your property on the show days.

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6. Take All Offers Seriously

It’s important that you consider all offers made. Treat every buyer with respect. Moreover, appreciate the interest they have shown in your property.

The home selling process is a delicate one. However, it is important not to underestimate anything. The tips discussed above will certainly help you in ensuring you sell your property with so much ease.

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