Remote Construction Site Monitoring: Project Management Made Easier

May 23, 2019
men working at a construction site


One of the challenges facing the commercial construction industry is equipment theft. Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reports lost items worth over $1 billion in this industry. Also, there are other forms of losses resulting from fire accidents and natural causes. Are you a project manager and want to save money and time? You can start monitoring a construction site remotely. It will be easier to follow up on the activities on the site.

An effective monitoring system discourages theft and vandalism. For instance, by turning on sirens, it can scare away an intruder. What’s more, you can see what’s going on in real time and take the right measures immediately. Furthermore, monitoring a construction site helps resolve conflicts. For example, when the contractors are in disagreement with the construction crew, a sound system of cameras can help you see the reasons behind the confrontations. 

With a video surveillance mechanism on site, you can check what’s happening over the Internet. That is one way of saving time. What’s more, you can oversee multiple construction projects from one mobile device.

Reasons to Monitor the Construction Site Remotely

The job of project managers and quantity surveyors is quite demanding. Their duties go beyond visiting a site. That’s why it makes sense to manage a project from a remote location. Still wondering how a surveillance mechanism can simplify your project management? Here are more ways:
•    Saves time so you can focus on priority tasks
•    Saves transportation costs 
•    Minimizes disputes at the site
•    Makes verification of completed tasks easier
•    Helps to spot potential issues before they get worse
•    Minimum liabilities due to visual audits
•    Check delays caused by weather
•    Increases the morale of the construction crew
•    Enables effective communication among all stakeholders
•    Helps to manage contractors, subcontractors, and milestones

Examples of Surveillance Technologies Used in Commercial Construction Sites

surveillance camera attached to a pole

How do you demonstrate your commitment to the progress of a project? One way is through on-site visits. Through the right technology, you can replace your active presence. That’s why you need proper monitoring tools to increase efficiency.Surveillance systems differ significantly. The activities of interest plus the site layout determine the kind of cameras you need for a commercial project. You need to know what technology best fits your needs before investing.

Before installing anything, make sure the site is well connected to the Internet. You can use a satellite or a mobile hotspot. Today’s surveillance cameras feature wireless technologies that capture time-lapse HD footages. They can also record conversations on the site. With a smart device, you can access the cameras from anywhere. 

To remotely track heavy machinery, consider a GPS. It will relay the information such as the period the machines have been working and their speed. Apart from ensuring proper use of equipment, a GPS can help you catch issues before something breaks down. It’s never easy to keep a large-scale construction project fully organized. To solve most of the problems, install remote monitoring systems. These can ensure the security and productivity of a project. Above all, it will reduce your legwork.

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