Why Should Workers Wear the Right Personal Safety Equipment?

February 28, 2019
safety gear


Industries involved in construction, warehouse, and other similar workplaces require workers to wear personal protective and safety equipment. There is a strict standard of occupational safety and hazard regulations that must be met. These rules ensure that each and every worker understands the necessity of wearing the right gear and the proper way to wear them. DeWalt, a trusted brand of power tools and hand tools, offers various types of personal protective equipment available such as extreme boots, safety goggles, harnesses, helmets, and so on. Properly wearing safety equipment can mean the difference between life and death of an employee.

Know All the Safety Gear You'll Need

Workers are reminded of safety regulations and the right type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to use before they report for work on the site. Before the shift starts, team leaders make sure each worker is wearing the necessary equipment. From time to time, a safety officer leads a team meeting where workers are reminded about the hazards of the job. Companies purchase protective equipment according to the nature of the job and the working environment where the workers are deployed.

An industrial setting makes workers vulnerable to accidents and injuries just by being present. This is the reason why safety boots, headgear, ear protection as well as safety goggles are considered part of everyday wear. For instance, if the worker is in the welding industry, he is constantly exposed to asbestos and flares. Heavy tools may also drop and injure his legs or feet. Workers in this industry are required to wear work coveralls, face mask, and protective goggles as well as steel toe safety shoes. If a worker needs to climb high altitudes, they are also required to use body harnesses and helmets. It is the job of the company safety officer to delegate protective equipment and gear required by each department according to the type and nature of their jobs.

Purchase Protective Gear

safety gear

After careful analysis of the potential work hazards in the workplace, the company needs to order high-quality personal protective equipment for their workers in the area. There should also be extra supplies that can be worn by site visitors. There are disposable PPEs that can be used for one-off visits such as cloth face mask and safety goggles. For the workers, it is best to stick with a reliable brand with accreditations from safety organizations. Paying extra for the top quality gear and equipment will guarantee worker safety at all times.

Maintain Safety in the Workplace

Workers are usually trained to use PPEs even before they start working. The regular toolbox meeting every day before work reminds them of how important these gear are in protecting them and quite possibly keeping them alive. Moreover, the company should also employ personnel to regularly check the condition of the equipment and make sure that everything complies with strict safety standards. Replace gear at the first sign of damage or malfunction and keep a log of all the equipment so that they and their wearer can be monitored daily.

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