Methods of Boosting the Slip Resistance of Your Hardwood Stairs

June 4, 2019
Image of solid wooden stairs with elegant glass balustrade

Hardwood staircases are all the rage nowadays. This is because they add beauty and warmth to commercial and residential properties. These beauty and warmth are hard to get with other material options. Hardwood staircases are also easy to clean. To keep your staircases looking exceptional and increase their durability, you will need to polish them. This, unfortunately, causes the surface of your hardwood staircase to become slippery. However, you should not opt for something else other than timber stairs for your property in New Zealand. There are various solutions for boosting the slip resistance of your staircase without affecting its look or durability. Here are some of these options:

Install Carpeting

Carpets will not just increase the safety of your stairs by boosting their surface traction but also add an interesting decor element to your property. You have two options for staircase carpeting: runners and treads. Staircase runners are carpets that run from the top to the bottom of the staircase, but they do not cover the stairs’ full width. They will nonetheless cover the stairs’ treads, protect your wood from damage, and reduce noise. Stair runners are unfortunately expensive, complicated to install, and difficult to clean. Carpet stair treads cover each stair separately and are thus easy to install and clean. A tape is placed on their underside to secure them in place on your treads. However, they do not provide as much protection to your staircase runners and might slide and cause grave accidents if not professionally installed.

Opt for Anti-slip Adhesive Tape

In most commercial buildings, you will notice black tape stuck on wooden stair treads just at their edge. This adhesive strip has a rough texture that boosts the slip resistance of the stairs. There is cheap anti-slip adhesive tape now available that adds some roughness at the edge of your stair treads. Nowadays, adhesive tape comes in different colours to match your stairs’ look. Some kinds of tape are even transparent.

Finish the Stairs Using Anti-slip Liquid

You can alternatively use an anti-slip finish for your stairs. This is a kind of liquid directly applied to your treads. It will not alter their look since it is clear. The finish contains tiny invisible particles that boost the friction of your stairs. An anti-slip stair finish, however, needs periodic retouching. It does not provide as much traction as anti-slip adhesive tape and carpets.

Make Sure that Your Stairs’ Installation Is Up to Code

Carpeted stairs

Slips are highly likely if your staircase installation is not up to current building codes. These codes regulate the height of the risers, stairway width, tread depth, headroom, and handrails. If you have an old staircase, it might not meet the current building regulations as they continuously change to reflect various safety elements. A renovation of the stairs by a professional might be your ideal solution.

Your home should be the safest place for your guests and family. If you own a commercial building, slips on your staircase might attract hefty compensation fees for the negligence of safety. The techniques mentioned above are guaranteed to give your residential and commercial property an exceptional-looking yet safe hardwood staircase.

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