How Much Should You Spend in Maine for Carpet Repairs?

March 5, 2019

It costs $195 on average to fix a carpet problem at home, but the usual price ranges between $128 and $268 depending on the type of solution. Homeowners in Maine should expect to spend up to $400 for bigger repairs.

Aside from the type of repair, other factors such as your location and the kind of carpeting will determine the actual price. For instance, the cost of hiring a carpet fitter in Bath or another smaller city will likely be less expensive than a similar contractor in Portland.

Types of Carpet Repairs

Rippled carpets are a common issue and this usually stems from humidity problems at home. When using a dehumidifier does not seem to solve it, a professional would need to re-stretch the carpet. This is more expensive than other types of repairs, but still cost less than a replacement at the same time.

Stains are another problem that can be fixed with a simple carpet cleaner. However, some types of carpets such as Berber should be left to a professional to avoid paying for a costly replacement. On the other hand, a flood-damaged carpet or a burned one are among the instances when a replacement is unavoidable.

Cost of Replacement

Man putting new carpet

A replacement for an old carpet may require you to spend around $1,600 on average. The price of the material will be an important factor. For instance, the price range for a Berber carpet costs between $9 and $11 per square foot, so covering a larger surface area will definitely be more expensive just from the cost of the material itself.

Take note that there are three common styles for carpets — cut-pile, loop-pile, and cut-and-loop styles. Some variants of cut-pile carpets are great for low- and high-traffic areas, while loop-pile styles are commercial carpets that are used for businesses where foot traffic is normally high. The cut-and-loop is a combination of the two other styles. If you are looking for carpeting for a home office, a cut-pile is a better choice for having a non-industrial appearance.

Signs for Well-Installed Carpets

Once you decide if a replacement is cheaper than repairs, you should be aware of the signs for a well-installed carpet. Check the surface for wrinkles to make sure that the fabric has been stretched correctly. A minor wrinkle should disappear once you step on it without creating a ripple on other areas.

Remember to examine the seams near walls, stairs, and doorways. A good installation should have no frayed edges on these parts, and your contractor should have used special tape or adhesives to prevent the fabric from detaching against the wall or door. Carpets for staircases should be inspected carefully since a poorly installed one can be a safety hazard.

When choosing a contractor for carpet repairs, it is better to ask for multiple quotes from different service providers to come with a good comparison of rates. How much are you willing to spend on a carpet repair or replacement?

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