Indoor Allergies: Managing the Triggers

May 21, 2019
Man with allergies

Depending on how sensitive you are, different seasons and places can trigger your allergies. Sometimes, these triggers are found in your very home. Thus, it is important to always be vigilant and pay extra attention by exerting more effort in reducing or totally eliminating allergens.

While allergy trigger outdoors is beyond your control, what happens inside your own home is something you can work with. It might seem difficult, but easing indoor allergy triggers can be as easy as your next chore for the day. Just do the following:

1. Maintain your air conditioning units.

The quality of the air that your air conditioning unit is circulating in your home plays a huge role in keeping your allergies at bay. If it is producing dirty air, then you will be inhaling dirty ones too.

Hiring an AC service provider in Draper to fix your faulty air conditioning units, or simply give you thorough maintenance clean will make a huge difference not just in your machine’s efficiency, but also with the air quality.

Maintaining air conditioning units and other HVAC systems is often overlooked by homeowners thinking that dust, pollens, and other allergens are something that is brought the outside.

2. Reduce clutter.

Dust is one of the most common allergy triggers for people who are sensitive. Regular cleaning around your home is needed to prevent dust from accumulating.

Make the task easier for yourself by removing clutters. Not only will it be easier to clean, but the absence of clutter also means a reduction of dust accumulation.

3. Check for mold and mildew.

Molds and mildews thrive in a moist environment. Moisture forms when there is no proper air circulation or insulation around your home.

Nip the problem in the bud by making sure that there are no leaks around your home and that air can properly circulate around it. The smell that molds and mildews produce is one of the most common yet unseen allergy triggers.

4. Get rid of pests.

Pests are not only a nuisance to the eyes but is also a nuisance to one’s health. The presence of cockroaches for instances is more than just a sign that your home is dirty; it can also trigger various allergic reactions in different people.

5. Manage pet dander.

Girl with asthma

Having your furry friends at home truly makes you happy. But people who are allergic to animal fur and dander can find it rather hard to keep furry friends at home without triggering their allergies.

Fortunately, you need not give your pets away just to ease your allergic reactions. Simply vacuuming regularly, bathing your pet at least once a week, designating a no pet zone, or just simply cleaning thoroughly with disinfectants can make a huge difference.

Allergy triggers are everywhere and can be hard to manage and control. However, it is possible to live comfortably in your own home, minus the common allergic reactions.

Simply following a cleaning schedule and proper home and appliance maintenance can make a huge difference not just in the cleanliness of your place, but also with your overall health.

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