Mold Testing: What It is For and Why Testing Is Necessary

January 9, 2019
Mold Testing for your Home

Black mold are unsightly spots, but more than that, they are a serious health risk. When you see the blackened areas on the tiles and grout you know what you are dealing with. Yet, mold species may already be present even without obvious evidence. Dangerous intruders may already be lurking in your safe space. How do you know if they have already established themselves?

Knowing a silent enemy

Molds can be a nuisance. They make your home look unclean, and they make the air smell musty. It can be difficult to remove molds once they are established, so you must find the means to exterminate them before they have spread in various areas of the house. The expert eye can detect the presence of molds even before the blackened spots become too prominent to deny. However, a company offering home inspections in Provo can offer something else homeowners these days. We are talking about mold testing, of course. This kind of test could save you money. After all, what if the blackened spots on the walls are insect fecal matter instead of harmful fungus? You can only be sure what the suspect spots are when test results arrive.

Testing your Home for Mold

Why is mold testing a worthwhile investment?

Mold testing comes at a reasonable price, but it may not be an item on your budget yet. A mold test may be an air quality test or a surface sample test. The main purpose of the test is to confirm the presence of a potentially harmful fungus. A mold test may also be helpful in assessing fungal ecology, verifying the completion of a mold remediation, and establishing evidence for an insurance claim.

Today is a good day to think about calling for a test because your family might already be breathing air containing mold spores. Some people are allergic to these spores, and repeated allergy attacks may already be signs of their presence. You would want to confirm, especially if someone in the household suffer from a chronic respiratory condition.  The worst-case scenario is someone falling ill because of toxic mold syndrome. There have been recorded instances of this unfortunate condition.

When a mold test is necessary

For now, you may be thinking a mold test is not an urgent need. Nevertheless, when you observe members of the household having difficulty shaking off a cold or a cough, you must consider that indoor air quality could already be poor or compromised. Mold spores are airborne and could settle in the respiratory passages of humans and act as an allergen. In addition, when a persistent smell does not go away despite vigorous cleaning, stop blaming the cleaning solution, and instead rethink the situation. What is a fungal species is causing the problem?

Mold exposure is not always harmful, but there have been cases of respiratory distress due to molds. No matter how well you clean the house, you won’t be able to get rid of them completely if you only suspect their presence. Order a mold test to be sure, and protect your family from a potential health hazard.

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