The Tools and Equipment Professional Carpet Cleaners Use

March 6, 2019
cleaner spraying soap to carpet

Keeping your office clean inside and out is one of the best ways to ensure the health and safety of your employees. But did you know that vacuuming could only remove dirt and grime from the top layers of your carpets? They may already look clean, but still trapped there are deep-seated germs, dust, allergens and bacteria, which could cause diseases.

To keep these harmful pollutants from accumulating, you need regular commercial carpet cleaning services in Bromley. Professional carpet cleaners use different tools and equipment to effectively remove pollutants that are stuck in the deep layers of carpets. You may be familiar with the most basic of these carpet cleaning equipment, but when professionals are tasked with heavy cleaning jobs, they bring out the heavy artillery.

Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is perhaps the most common of all carpet cleaning tools. Homeowners have their own vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning, but professional carpet cleaners have more powerful machines that suck up dirt and debris gathered on the carpet.

Usually, the collected debris is dumped in a bag or canister, which needs to be emptied for the next cleaning. Clients should also ask for carpet cleaning services with HEPA filters on their vacuum to cut down dust and pollen and prevent an allergy attack.

Steam Cleaner

steam cleaner used to clean carpetProfessional carpet cleaners are also equipped with steam cleaners and hot water cleaners. These cleaners can use a combination of steam, water and environment-friendly solutions to deep clean and sanitise carpets.

Steam cleaning wands are another tool that most cleaners use. The wand has multiple spray jets that cleaners glide over the carpet while simultaneously pulling on a trigger to release a hot steam cleaning solution. With the use of steam cleaners, carpets are not soaked with water and can dry up completely within a short period of time.

Air Scrubbers

Professional carpet cleaners also use air scrubbing equipment to remove tough stains. This tool effectively captures particulates, fungi and moulds, and removes gases and odours from the carpet, as well. Using this tool will help you ensure that your carpets are free of filth and bad odours once the cleaning services are completed.

You have to note that carpet mould could be dangerous, particularly for individuals who have mould allergies or respiratory issues. To prevent this on your carpets, avoid placing them in damp areas and keep moisture under control.

There are various tools and equipment that professionals use to ensure that clients are satisfied with their carpet cleaning services. Cleaning service providers invest in high-quality equipment, which are made especially for carpet cleaning. They have tools to clean even the smallest nooks and crevices, bone scrapers for small and tight spaces, carpet rakes and different cleaning solutions for each unique cleaning case.

Hiring the services of a commercial carpet cleaning company saves you the costs of renting special cleaning equipment. You are also guaranteed professional cleaning services to preserve the quality of your carpets while effectively removing all germs, dirt, grime, allergens and other pollutants.

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