Have Your Commercial Property Standout With Striped Lawns

May 30, 2019
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Admit it. You secretly wish you can reproduce those beautiful stripes and pattern that would make your lawns look like ballpark grass. Linking up with a reliable supplier with quality top soil for sale here in Grande Prairie is first step achieving this goal.

It lets you layer your grounds with nutrient rich planting medium, which is a necessary step in creating a healthy, low maintenance lawn. The resultant clean and professional look would have tenants tripping over themselves to take up residency.

Plant it just right

For your plan to work, you need a thick layer of healthy green grass that’s devoid of gaps and thin patches. You need a nutrient-rich growth medium, proper grass care, and maintenance to achieve this luxuriant growth. See, you get the best stripes when working with grass that is between 2.5 and 4 inches long.

You have the option of installing your lawn from seed, cultivars, or turf. Cultivars make a better choice than seed if you’re operating on a short deadline as you get to skip the germination period. Laying turf turns your brown ground into a beautiful green landscape overnight.

Not all turf grasses make good striping candidates with cool season grasses such as fine and tall fescue emerging as clear winners. They boast long flexible blades and flourish in early fall and spring. Warm season grasses such as St. Augustine and Bermuda have short rigid blades and don’t hold the stripes well.

The art of striping

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You’ll be happy to learn that striping a lawn to give it the ballpark appearance is nothing more than mowing and bending the grass. That’s why the length and the flexibility of the grass blade matters. Lawn striping entails bending the blade grass in the opposite direction.

The difference in the bending direction creates the appealing visual effect. The section of the lawn with a grass blades bending towards you appears dark green. The section with grass leaning away from you will appear light green. The striping effect is dependent on the ability of the grass to reflect sunlight.

After mowing and striping, the pattern can hold for up to two weeks, but you shouldn’t restripe your ground in the same direction or design the next time. That harms the lawn as it causes the grass to lie down permanently. You should alternate the direction and pattern with each striping session.

Health benefits of striping

You’ll be happy to learn that there’s more to striping than just improve the appearance of your lawn. Mowing the lawn in two directions not only gets you the striped effects but also helps to eliminate deformities and low spots.

It ensures that you’ll never end up with an uneven, mottled lawn. Instead, it leaves you with a uniform, pristine lawn where all grass blades are thriving because they have equal access to the sun.

Lawn stripes and patterns give your ground a unique appeal draws the attention of the would-be tenants. People will readily take up residency in such a facility for the health and mental benefits that comes with living in such an environment.

Retaining the help of an expert guarantees excellent results from the installing the lawn to creating the patterns.

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