Divide and Conquer: 3 Activity Zones Your Outdoor Space Must Have

March 12, 2019
outdoor pavilion

A huge backyard can both be a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because you have lots of space to use. A curse, because you have the huge task of filling it up, of maximizing every piece of area, of getting your layout right. If you’re stuck with this design dilemma, don’t be overwhelmed. The design fix is actually simple: break it up. Assign different zones in your outdoor space, according to the functions you want your backyard to have. Consider having these:

Entertainment Zone

A lot of homeowners use their backyard as a place for hosting parties, big and small. If you’re that type of homeowner too, then make space for entertainment. Build a pavilion and add in the patio furniture: inviting sofas, comfy cushions, and accent tables. Go for pieces that have a resemblance to what’s inside your home to create a cohesive, continuous feel. If you’re into huge parties, go for modular lounges so as to provide enough seating for a large number of guests. On the other hand, if you’re into intimate gatherings, you can increase the privacy in your entertainment zone with partition walls or hedges. If you’d go for screening plants, do remember that this would require maintenance every now and then, so if you’re not that into regular upkeep, perhaps it’s better to consider partition walls.

Chill Zone

swimming pool

In the same manner that you have an area for socializing, of course, you must also have a space for unwinding and having some me-time. The kind of chill zone you’d create would depend on what exactly makes you relaxed and calm. For some people, it’s reading, so they build a secret hideaway at the far corner of their backyard space, one that has a view of the ocean or the city skyline, and make it a reading nook. For others, it’s spa session, so they get a hot tub or a pool, bringing the pampering closer to home. If this is your thing, consider reaching out to custom hot tub builders. Utah homeowners often go for in-ground spas because their ‘natural’ look adds more to the ‘chill’ vibe. Whatever you choose, make your chill zone as personalized as possible.

Nature Zone

Of course, a backyard isn’t complete without the garden. Dedicate a zone for your greenery. Consult an expert in your local garden center which ones are native to your area. If you have kids, be especially aware of toxic plants. You want to avoid those. After selecting your plants, install a drip irrigation system. Plants watered with soaker hoses grow better, given that they receive just the right amount of water they need. Beyond the plants themselves, incorporate other nature elements. Put water features, like koi ponds, streams, birdbaths, or water fountains. Pay attention to your pavements and walls. Use bricks and make this stone wall the focal point of your nature zone. Include wooden features, too, like swings, benches, and pergolas, positioned to maximize good views.

Again, the key to tackling a huge outdoor area is to break it up. Take note of these activity zones as you spruce up your backyard.

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