Different Types and Materials of Estate Gates

January 9, 2019
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Most gates serve to provide security. However, each type of estate gate still carries its own unique function and can be suitably applied depending on each situation. One important factor that homeowners need to take into consideration is whether there is enough space for the gate to open into the house.

Gate Material and Construction

Solid wooden gates are rustic and designed to promote privacy. On the other hand, metal gates are classic and open for visibility. They can last for several years. Gates can also be prefabricated or custom made. Homeowners can choose from various available designs, styles, and finishes, or order a gate with a specific and exact size and look.

Slide Gates

Slide gates slide on wheels from left to right or from right to left. This type of gate requires an adequate amount of available space on either side of the gate to accommodate it when it opens. This space must be a few feet more than the total width of the driveway.

V-track slide gates are common and reliable. However, they are not suitable in places with a lot of snow or ice as the track has to be clear of debris. Cantilever slide gates are preferred for snow and ice buildup. The wheels of the gate do not reach the ground so the gate can slide over the driveway regardless of any debris. This type of gate usually requires more space than a typical slide gate.

Swing Gates

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Swing gates swing either inward or outward. Outward swinging gates need to be set back from the street or sidewalk to accommodate passersby or cars in the street when they open. Single swing gates have an ideal maximum height of 16’ and are installed on a level plane where the driveway is relatively flat. Double swing doors work like French doors and are usually more aesthetically appealing than single swing ones.

Uphill swing gates are appropriate for sloped driveways. As they can pose an engineering challenge, they should be installed by experienced professionals. The maximum slope limit depends on the gate’s type, weight, and length and type of gate operator. Lift and swing gates, on the other hand, involve openers that lift gates up before they swing and continue to rise as the gates open. This is an expensive type of gate that is suitable for places that expect large amounts of snow and ice.

Other Types of Gates

Barrier gates are made of wood, steel, or aluminum. They are intended for vehicle and traffic control areas like parking garages or toll booths. They are an inexpensive way to moderate traffic but do not provide security or visual appeal.

Vertical pivot gates are tall steel gates about 8’ high that rise and fall for cars to enter through. When opened, the entire gate rises sideways and diagonally into the air. This is a good option for those wanting to save space while managing security.

Vertical lift gates are expensive, secure, and used almost entirely for industrial purposes. They lift straight up into the air for vehicles to pass directly under.

Homeowners considering installing an estate gate should consider the function, location, and space allotted for the gate.

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