Don’t Want to Deal with Termites? Make Adjustments at Home

July 29, 2021
pest control dealing with termites

Nobody wants to live in a termite-infested home. After all, termites can drastically damage your house’s structural integrity and create numerous hazards to your family. The good news is that dealing with them isn’t as difficult or expensive as you might imagine. What you might be less pleased to hear is that there is no quick fix that will protect your home from termites forever.

The truly effective and lasting solutions always involve committing to home improvements that pertain not only to aesthetics but also to how you run your household. It takes awareness and dedication to keep your house safe and minimize the risk of encountering these stubborn pests.

To give you a head start in the right direction, here are some of the most practical home improvements you should invest in.

Maintain Your Landscape

While plants add to your property’s curb appeal, they can also put you at a great disadvantage in terms of keeping termites away. Any shrubbery, trees, or even potted plants that are placed near your siding may prevent you from noticing the first signs of termite infestation. The stems and leaves of these plants can also serve as pathways for termites to penetrate your home.

If you have plants that are directly beside your exterior, consider removing or relocating them. The benefit of this is twofold. First, you make it harder for them to create pathways. Second, you give the soil in-between more space to breathe and release moisture, therefore discouraging the infestation. You’ll also want to maintain them with regular trimming and mowing to make your property less appealing to termites.

Repaint Your Exterior

Your house needs to be repainted every few years to protect the facade from the elements, as well as from bugs and termites.¬†Paint is an effective protection for your wood because termites won’t eat through it. Wood also absorbs paint, which further reduces the likelihood of termites penetrating it from another side.

Whenever you invest in this service, make sure that you use high-quality primer, paint, and finishes. This ensures that the effects will last longer and you get the best value for your money. Look for a contractor that provides reliable and affordable exterior home painting has several options you can choose from that will suit your specific needs. Communicate to them early on that you want to keep termites away so that they can come up with the appropriate products.

Regularly Inspect for Moisture

The crawl spaces and foundation of your home are the most common starting point of infestations. This is because they are the most likely to retain moisture, and termites thrive in moist places.

Fortunately, there are preventive measures you and everybody else in your home can take. One is to make sure that your storm drains don’t empty directly towards your foundation. If they do, get a contractor to correct this. Always address water leaks right away, especially if they occur on your roof, and point your sprinklers away from your home. The lesser the moisture near your home, the lesser your chances are of attracting termites.

Beware of Swarming Season

Just like any pest, there are seasons when termites are more prevalent. You’ll want to be aware of what months the swarming season happens in your region so you can be more vigilant in keeping them out.

You have to be particularly careful in keeping out flying termites because they are the ones that establish colonies. Just like moths, they are attracted to light, so it’s best to switch to the other light fixtures you have in the property that aren’t directly attached to the house.

Check your doors and windows for glaring gaps and holes. The light inside your house may draw them in, and it will be easy for them to enter if these entry points don’t properly close.

Get Professional Help

It’s worth making it a part of your household management to seek professional help regularly. There are times when even your best effort might fall short, and you wouldn’t know unless a professional inspects your home. The earlier termite infestations are detected, the simpler it will be to get rid of them and prevent any recurrence.

The Less Costly Road

It sounds like a lot of hard work, but the payoff is definitely worth the effort. Just ask any of your friends who have dealt with severe infestations. It’s an expensive affair that will compromise your health and safety, and whatever preventive measures you take now will not be as troublesome compared to the consequences if you don’t.

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