Definite Signs of Pest Problems to Look Out for in Your Home

February 28, 2019
Cockroach on the kitchen countertop

Some of the greatest damage dealers to your household are pests. They eat your food, spread disease, and even ruin your furniture and other installations. What’s even worse is the fact that your home might be pest-infested, but you don’t even know it.

Most of them stay in hidden places, and all they leave are small remains of their existence and activity. Seek out these sure signs for possible creepy crawlies that are already in your home.


These are shameless creatures that’ll show up to eat anything organic when they see it’s dark enough to do so. If you spot even one or two of these pests when you turn the lights on, there’s a high chance that there are more of them in hiding.

You’ll also see their droppings and eggs in drawers, cupboards and hidden corners. Even if you’re not able to eliminate them completely from your home, a good sweep from a professional insect control service in Salt Lake City will greatly help with sanitation. You may also want to have them make regular visits until these roaches are no longer a threat to your household.

Rats and Mice

Just like cockroaches, rodents are great at concealing themselves. The only time you’ll really notice them is when you see tiny bite marks on uncovered food, fruits or vegetables that have been left on display.

Another sure sign is gnawing on the walls, corners, and even electrical wires if they’re really that daring, or famished. Don’t wait until they’ve gained enough confidence to raid your pantry in broad daylight so do call the experts to exterminate them immediately.


Mosquito sucking bloodThese insects usually show up during the warm, humid seasons and bother everyone while they’re sleeping. They may be nuisances most of the time, but they can also bring some of the deadliest diseases on earth such as dengue and malaria.

You know that you have mosquitoes in your residence when you hear buzzing near your ear, but they don’t come from flies. Also, watch out when you wake up to small, itchy bumps on your skin.

Aside from eliminating places where they can breed, ask about proper pesticide application to control their population explosion.


These are dangerous pests to have in your home, as they eat the wooden parts of your residence and cause it to gradually break down. They’re usually hidden well, but if you see little clay tunnels on your walls, and you hear small scratching or ticking noises from inside them, the chances are that your house is infested with these hungry little insects.

Don’t delay! It’s best to contact an exterminator as soon as you can while the damage to your property is still small.

Any of these pests can bring a good amount of harm to you, your family and home, so do contact a certified pest control service company as soon as you see these signs.

There are a number of DIY processes to prevent their presence, but if they’re already there, then you’re better off calling the experts. True, it may cost you a pretty penny, but your family’s health and peace of mind are worth the extra cost.

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