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May 15, 2019
mobile home

Opting for a transportable home can help make your cross-country move easy. You can build a new home in your chosen location and ensure that you have a comfortable place to live in.

Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes, and when they present themselves, you must seize them quickly. The current mining boom in Australia is forcing many people to move to the rural areas where they hope to strike it rich and improve their finances. The high influx of people to regional towns make it a tad challenging to secure beautiful living quarters.

Fortunately, you don’t have to endure harsh living conditions after relocating to a small town. Thanks to modern building technology, you can build transportable homes and granny flats in record time.

Pick a nice location

If you’re used to the finer things in life, it’s only natural that you won’t find a house that fits your taste and lifestyle when relocating to a smaller town. It follows that you might want to build a custom house from the ground up. While that’s the most logical move, such a project takes a while to complete.

If you’re pressed for time, a transportable home makes a perfect choice. Such houses are factory built, meaning that they have a quicker turnaround time. Not to be confused with a mobile house, this type of a home is permanent and can’t be moved.

As such, the first step is choosing the best possible location in the region to build a home. You need to pick a safe location with easy access to essential amenities. Remember, once you settle into your new home, there’s no way to move it.

Crunch the numbers

modular home

Thanks to evolving technology, modular homes are no longer boring or scream manufactured. Instead, they come in a variety of designs to cater to the most eccentric of tastes. In most cases, it’s impossible to tell them apart from site-built homes as they look as resplendent.

Naturally, the only limiting factor when building one is the size of your wallet. If running on a small budget, you might opt for a granny flat as it has a lower asking price. A high-end home is likely to set you back northwards of $300,000.

When creating your home building budget, it’s easy to overlook other crucial costs. Failing to factor such expenses, including site preparation charges, can ruin your home-building budget.

Plan your timeline properly

Proper planning is crucial to ensuring that project delivery fits within your schedule. Vetting the manufacturing company is the best way to ensure that everything runs like clockwork. Your choice of a service provider determines the project lines. Hence, you need to pick one with the utmost care.

For less complicated home designs, the manufacturers can have it done in a matter of weeks. The delivery time for a lavish house can be as long as three months. Working with a reliable manufacturer, you can have your family move into an expensive new home when you make your big cross-country move.

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