An Average Gutter Guard Installation May Cost Around $490 This Year

June 7, 2019
Gutter installed in roof

It costs an average of $481 to install gutter guards for your home this year, but most homeowners should expect to spend up to $1,200 depending on the type of installation.

The price of materials, cost of labor, and where you live will affect the actual price as well. If you live in Wisconsin, the cost of materials for leaf gutter protection could range between $1.20 per foot and $10 per foot. Other technical aspects like having seamless or sectional gutters will also come into play when you choose the right guards.

Material Prices Per Foot

Vinyl grid is the cheapest among the most common types of gutter guards that cost at least $0.40 per foot, although you should remember that price often determines the efficiency of the material. Consider spending extra on metal mesh screens, which range from $1.20 to $4 per foot. Metal guards help prevent almost anything from blocking the gutters, except for smaller debris like seeds.

Micromesh screens will then be a better alternative to block finer particles, and eliminate the need for frequent cleaning at the same time. Be prepared to spend at least $9 per foot for this material, which also requires a professional for installation of certain brands. Some materials will take more effort to replace based on the type of gutter at your house.

Basic Gutter Types

Sectional and seamless gutters comprise the two basic styles for houses. Those who plan to replace a damaged gutter will find it easier to do so by themselves, but that is if they have a sectional gutter. You could simply take off a part of the fixture without worrying about disrupting the functionality of the entire system.

However, there is a higher chance of encountering leaks along the seams between the sectioned gutters. This could be either due to faulty installation or due to built-up debris. On the other hand, leaks rarely occur for properly installed seamless gutters. The only downside involves a bigger budget for a professional because you cannot install this by yourself, although this is more preferable than having to deal with water damage.

Other Expenses

White gutter in red roof

Some professionals may charge $9 per foot for installation or replacement, while others will rely on the estimated time to complete the job. If you simply do not like climbing up to the roof to clean gutters, then spending on a more expensive leaf gutter protection makes more sense. There is no point with using a cheap gutter guard when you still have to remove debris frequently.

Another reason to hire a professional for installation involves the warranties on workmanship and materials. Just make sure that you will source the materials from them to qualify for the warranty.

Homeowners should remember that gutters should keep water away from sidings and the foundation as much as possible. Any other customizations will be a matter of preference for aesthetics and style. When planning a budget, it is easier to have an estimate of expenses by asking for quotes from at least three different roofing professionals near your area.

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