Leaking Rain Gutters: What Causes It and How Can You Solve It?

January 9, 2019
Rain gutter being installed

Building a home requires a substantial investment and therefore, protecting it is vital. There are various elements meant for the protection of your investment with rain gutters being among the most crucial. These collect the water from your roof and direct it into a storage tank or away from your structure’s foundation to help you avert costly water damage.

If your rain gutters are leaking, however, they will be the primary source of water damage to your foundation and walls. Depending on the cause, a new rain gutter for your Salt Lake City home might be the solution. Here are the common reasons for leaking rain gutters.


Your gutters might be in perfect shape, but they are clogged by leaves and other debris from your roof. This causes water to overflow on the gutters and leak over their sides. Expert cleaning of the gutters using different machines might be enough to get your gutters in good working shape. After the cleaning, it is prudent to invest in gutter guards to screen them from the future accumulation of debris.

Loose Fasteners

Rain Gutter

Gutters are fastened to your fascia boards using spikes, hanger or screws. These fasteners, at times, become loose more so after the accumulation of debris on the gutters, rotting of the fascia and if unprofessionally installed. With the loose fasteners, your gutters are detached from the fascia board at different places, so water from your roof leaks through. Professional re-fastening of the gutters is an ideal solution though you might need to install a new fascia board if the existing one is rotten.

Holes and Cracks

With prolonged use, gutters undergo normal wear and tear. Tiny pools of water can also accumulate in different sections and cause the corrosion of metal gutters or deterioration of wooden ones, resulting in cracks and holes. Small holes can be repaired with a caulking sealant, but large ones generally require the replacement of your rain gutters. Your repair expert might also recommend a replacement of the gutters if they are old even though they have small holes.

Improper Slopes

With time, temperature changes coupled with the weight of rainwater cause your gutters to sag in particular places. The gutters typically acquire an improper slope due to this sagging. The water thus naturally overflows the gutters rather than flowing to the downspouts. The gutters, in this case, will be detached then re-hung with a proper slope. If damaged by the excessive sagging, however, their replacement will be the solution.

Joint Separations

There are seamless and sectional gutters. The joints in sectional rain gutters can become weak due to debris accumulation or infiltration with water, resulting in leakage. In most cases, a rain gutter expert will recommend replacing the sectional gutters with a seamless one.

Most people do not think much of their gutters until they start leaking and destroying their walls and foundations. Expert installation and regular maintenance can prevent all of the above causes of gutter leaks. Gutter repairs might seem easy to handle with a few supplies around your home. But expert repair is essential to prevent further gutter damage.

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