Why You Should Consider Installing a Chimney Cap

February 5, 2019
Man on the roof of his house inspecting his chimney

A chimney cap plays a vital role in the working order of a chimney system. If you have a fireplace and a chimney, a chimney cap is an accessory that you should consider investing in. While it is not a necessary investment, the advantages of installing one make it a valuable one. Why do experts recommend chimney caps?

They Keep Moisture Away

Without a chimney cap, your chimney will be exposed to rain, sleet, hail, and snow. The effects of the moisture will not be evident immediately, but they can mean extensive, costly, and inconveniencing repairs later. If the moisture finds its way inside your house or attic, it will slowly damage your ceilings and walls. In case your chimney has stainless steel liners, such moisture would rust it. Excessive moisture would also affect chimney mortar joints. While any professional brick contractor in Connecticut can address mortar joint problems, deteriorating motor joints affect the structural integrity of your chimney.

They Prevent Downdrafts

If you live in a windy locality, downdrafts can be a nuisance. Without a chimney cap, a downdraft would blow smoke back into the house. Excessive smoke can be a health hazard, particularly if you have family members with asthma. A cap also improves comfort and the energy efficiency of your home. Since it keeps out drafts of cold air, you will not suffer the discomfort such drafts can cause. You will also not need to use more energy to heat your home.

red chimney on roofThey Keep Out Critters

Animals such as mice, raccoons, and birds are likely to get in your chimney to find food or shelter from harsh weather. Birds and mice are expected to build nests in the fireplace. Some of these pests would be dangerous if they find their way into your house. Most of the times, some of the animals get stuck in the chimney. When they die inside there, the rotting corpses will leave an odor that is likely to waft inside your home. Since not all caps work as animal deterrents, you should choose one that comes with a wire mesh.

They Block Debris

When leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris enter your chimney, they are likely to clog your vent. This would mean poor circulation of air from the fireplace. The waste can also be a fire hazard, especially if it is dry. While cleaning such waste is still an option, cleanup can be highly inconveniencing if you live in an extremely windy area. Investing in the right chimney cap helps keep debris at bay.

They Work as a Spark Arrestor

If yours is a wood-burning fireplace, the embers might flow up through the chimney. Without a cap, the fine particles are likely to end up on the roof, trees, or power lines. This can cause a fire, especially in the summer.

Chimney caps come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. Before buying any, you should research conclusively to choose a cap that would be ideal for your type of chimney. Since the appearance of your home is important, whatever you select should complement its general appearance.

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