Metal Roofing: Types of Coats or Finishes You Can Apply

January 31, 2019
Gray corrugated metal roof

Metal roofs are the most popular options these days. This growing popularity is primarily attributed to the roofing material’s durability and high aesthetic appeal. Steel, aluminum, and copper are currently the common types of metals used for roofing. The roofs can be laid down in slate, shingle, and tile profiles. You can customize the roofing panels’ shape, color, size, texture, and style to make them stand out.

The coating you choose for your metal roofing Salt Lake City also affects the look of your roof and can be used to set it apart. Moreover, these coatings confer different benefits to the metal roofing panels. The following are some of your best metal roof coating options:

Polyester-Resin Paints

These are the least costly option for coating metal roofs. The paints are generally used on exposed-fastener roofing sheets. Polyester-resin paints give your metal roofs a medium or high gloss on application but will fade within 5-7 years when exposed to direct sunlight. This fading is not very noticeable on light colored paints, making them the ideal alternative in extremely hot areas. Most manufacturers might give you a 3-5-year fade warranty for roofs coated with polyester-resin paints.

Silicone-Modified Polyester Coatings

These comprise polyester resins mixed with silicone to boost their durability. In general, high silicone content translates to a more durable roof coating. Silicone-modified polyester coatings come in high and medium gloss colors, and they resist chalking and fading better than ordinary polyester paints. The warranties for chalking and fading in silicone-modified roof coatings range from 10-20 years.

PVDF Fluoropolymer Resin Paints

These are generally the most expensive and technically advanced option for roof coatings. These paints have a dense and smooth medium-gloss appearance and excellent durability with exceptional resistance to chalking and fading even when exposed to intense UV rays. PVDF fluoropolymer resin paints also have a Teflon-like coating, which resists dirt retention and moisture damage. These properties make this type of coating the best choice for coastal environments. The warranties for these paints are at least 20 years.

Granular Coatings

Granular coating materialThese are primarily meant for aesthetics. Granular roof coatings have a textured finish comprising ceramic granules and crushed stone mixed with an acrylic resin. The coating is applied over a primer and then sealed using a clear acrylic sealer. A granular coating exudes an asphalt shingle appearance with its multicolored granules and offers exceptional damage protection from foot traffic. It also conceals small dents and scratches.

Reflective Coatings

The primary benefit of these coatings is a reduction in your property’s cooling costs since the sun’s rays are reflected rather than absorbed. The coatings will also increase your roof’s durability and reduce the risk of rusting. But you should be careful when investing in reflective coatings because some contain corrosive substances that might harm your roofing substrate instead of protecting it.

With these options, your metal roof does not need to feature a cookie cutter design and a drab look. Make sure you buy the coated roofing sheets from an experienced metal fabricator. This way, you can be sure that the coating suits your property and is applied properly.

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