Why Commercial Properties Should Pay More Attention to Cleanliness

April 24, 2019
cleaning an office

Commercial properties have so many things to think about. There’s the whole structure of the business, which is the most important. Financial topics also come up regularly, especially when it’s time to pay suppliers and employees. If you’ve got complaints from employees and customers, you’ll want to address those too.

Nowhere is cleanliness in your priorities. That’s not right, and it might be opening your business to problems.

Health Concerns in the Food Sector

If you’re handling or preparing food, cleanliness needs to be at the top of your list. From window cleaning to kitchen counter disinfecting and pest controlling efforts, your commercial property cannot slack off. Seattle understands the importance of following food safety rules and regulations, and authorities will not hesitate to suspend your license and close down your business if you fail to live up to their standards.

All of these is done in an effort to keep the food you prepare healthy and sanitary, so that those who consume them will not be in danger of food poisoning.

Your Reputation is at Risk

It’s not just the food industry that needs to keep their surroundings clean. Even the hospitality industry and the commercial sector may get scalding reviews if customers notice their linens and cushions stained.

Guests in hotels expect fresh sheets every day, and these sheets should be cleaned thoroughly. Even the mattresses underneath those sheets should remain in good condition. Replace them after a couple of months if you want to keep your guests happy. A foul odor is another thing you need to tackle, but this can easily be fixed with the help of cleaning companies.

Building a Productive Environment

clean office

Cleanliness is not just a customer-facing requirement. It’s also something your employees benefit from. When they are in a dirty and smelly workplace, they will not be able to concentrate on their tasks. This might even be enough reason for them to jump ship, which means you’ll be crippled while you look for replacements. Give them a clean and orderly workplace and they’ll be happy to go to work and give it their best.

Bonus: Check the Pantry Fridge

You think you’re doing a good job keeping the office clean. Have you checked the pantry? Specifically, the fridge may be serving as home to food that has turned and drinks that have spilt. Though customers don’t normally visit commercial spaces to check the fridge, this is a reflection of how you organize the office internally.

It will also encourage employees to clean up after themselves and to eat healthy because they can keep their homemade lunches in a sanitary environment. Every end of the week, the fridge should be emptied, the stains wiped, and all counters disinfected. Make sure the fridge doesn’t smell, either.

It might not be your top priority, but it shouldn’t be at the bottom of your list either. Cleanliness is the base from which other positive characteristics of the commercial space shine through. When you keep everything clean, you can focus on a more productive workflow and address more important concerns around the office without distractions.

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