Keep Productivity Levels High Among Your Workers — Here’s How

December 28, 2018

Disengaged workers cost their employers billions of dollars every year, remarks a leading supplier of acoustic absorption panels. Other than causing you to bleed money, employee disengagement dulls your edge on the market.

Sometimes employers promote this disengaging when they fail to create an enabling work environment. Unfortunately, this lowers the productivity among your employees, which could see their productivity take a big hit. To keep productivity high among your workers, you should take a few proactive measures.

Use natural lighting

Sticking your workers in small tight spaces in windowless rooms that use fluorescent light can dent productivity. It might come as a surprise, but research shows that exposure to natural daylight is crucial to office productivity. Natural light affects the quality of life and sleep patterns of your employees.

People stuck in windowless rooms suffer from low sleep quality and are sleep deprived, which lower their productivity. It leads to distortion of the body rhythms which increases their susceptibility to depression, diabetes, and obesity.

Such workers are unlikely to bring their A-game to the office, which puts your business at a significant disadvantage. You’re also likely to spend more on health care while having to make do with piling sick days due to poor health.

Get ergonomic furniture

Cubicle in office

If you’re paying your workers a lot and providing them with the right tools and equipment to do their jobs, you might as well be throwing away good money. Failing to pay any attention to safety and ergonomics at the office puts your employees at risk while lowering productivity.

Office workers on average spend at least 8 hours seating behind a desk, and it makes them prone to ergonomic hazards. These are physical factors that are harmful to the musculoskeletal system. They include repetitive tasks, uncomfortable office furniture, manual handling, and poor body posturing.

Failing to address and eliminate these hazards in the workplace puts your worker’s health at risk. Chronic back and neck pain lower productivity among office workers and could cost you a fortune in medical bills.

Invest in employee training

Customer experience is a unique differentiating factor in a competitive business environment. Your employees are crucial to making each of your customer’s experience is positive and enjoyable. To this end, you need to ensure that all your workers are up to the task.

Regular employee sensitization and training puts you close to achieving this goal. It arms your workers with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle your clients professionally and pleasantly.

When customers find your employees knowledgeable and helpful, they will have a great experience that prompts them to come back. Efficient sales and customer care teams will give you an edge on the market and boost your revenue.

You need to understand that your workers are your business’s greatest asset and they are crucial to your success. In addition to filling your ranks with top talent, you need them to bring their A-game all the time. Therefore, you need to make every effort to eliminate a situation that is likely to lower their productivity or put their health at risk.

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