What Type of Window Shutters Suits Your Home the Best?

June 4, 2019
Happy woman looking out big bright window with curtains and shutters

Window shutters are believed to have originated in Greece in the 15th century. Back then, rocks were placed in the gaps of the windows to allow natural light in and regulate the heat. The first shutters are said to have been made with fixed louvers from marble and then replaced with wood. Over the years, the materials used grew from different types of wood to vinyl and even powder-coated aluminum materials.

Different homes require different types of shutters. Sometimes, the need for shutters varies according to the climate and region. Homeowners shopping for window shutters in NJ look at the style and design they prefer, as well as which one matches the overall look of their home the best.

Panel Window Shutters

These are flat, raised and recessed types of window shutters. They are most common in colder places where there are heavy winter winds and constant snow and ice that could damage the window glass and frames.

Louvers Window Shutters

These are among the most famous options for door and window design in American homes. Louvers window shutters were used in dome-like lantern sets on roofs of medieval European buildings. These days, louvers shutters are used for both indoor and outdoor home design. They feature overlapping horizontal slats on a single frame. They can be used together with paneled shutters for additional detail and uniqueness.

Board and Batten Window Shutters

This type of window shutters is made from separate wood boards joined together with shorter battens or crosspieces. It is a versatile choice that can be adjusted for different shapes and curves of the window. It gives the rustic look of farmhouses, cabins and cottages.

Bahama or Bermuda Window Shutters

This window shutter type opens outwards, similar to awnings. It has slats on the push-out shutters, connected at the top of the window. Bermuda shutters are a great choice for beach, coastal and tropical homes. They provide ample protection from the heat by allowing a cool breeze to come into the home but at the same time, still provide that much-needed privacy.

Craftsman Style Window Shutters

These window shutters put more emphasis on classic simplicity and clean lines using natural materials common to the arts and crafts. The designs are usually achieved using layers of wood cut into certain shapes and overlaid using another board of wood.

Plantation Window Shutters

Window shutters

This type of window shutters is common in homes in the Southern States as well as in California and Arizona. The name is derived from the old southern plantations that utilized taller and wider louver window shutters. Compared with the classic louvers, these shutters are movable and installed mainly for decoration and protection from the heat and wind. Plantation window shutters let people open the louvers for a view of fields and cold breeze or close them at night for privacy.

Before jumping on the window shutter project, it is very important to take into account your budget to support the process from start to finish. Whether you are planning to go the DIY route or hire a contractor, it is advisable to prepare a good budget to get the best materials and have a margin for any change.

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