What to Look for When Choosing a Welding Company

January 18, 2019
Welding gloves and mask

Welding companies are essential in infrastructure projects, such as bridges, towers, and buildings. These companies provide all welding requirements for big or small projects. Bigger projects mean more complex and complicated steel fabrications and welding requirements.

In Edmonton Alberta, there are welding companies for various construction and manufacturing needs. Even if it’s a small home renovation project, it’s still better to hire the services of a reputable team of professionals.

Whether it is for a huge infrastructure project or as simple as adding an iron gate for the house, welding companies should be carefully selected to ensure high-quality output.

Highly-Skilled Workers

Welding and putting together steel or other forms of metal is no easy feat. To prevent welding defects, the company employs welders who are skilled, trained, and educated in the field. Besides the required degree, employees must have accessed course materials to stay updated on the latest trends and innovations. They must also hold years of experience to ensure that they can complete the project within the preferred completion date while maintaining the highest standards.

In most cases, welders are required to take certifications or accreditations to ensure that their skills are up to par with industry benchmarks.

One Stop Shop

A good welding company covers idea building, design, manufacturing, and all other processes in between. A company that can provide all in services from consultations, planning, material procurement, steel welding, and manufacturing, saves clients time and energy. Some welding firms even provide services for Non-destructive Testing and Quality Assurance Testing after the project is completed. This type of inspection will ensure that quality standards and safety procedures were applied throughout the project and all criteria were fulfilled in the process.

Up-to-Date Code of Standards


Compliance with published safety and quality standards is extremely important. Different jobs require a different code, and it also varies between small projects and large-scale welding projects. Welding companies proudly show off their certifications, especially those in the oil, gas, and mining industries. If they are certified for a particular code, they are expected to meet and even exceed the set standards for this area of specialization.

Welding companies are also required to have all the necessary insurance policies while working on a project. The liability insurance covers all the employees in case of an accident or untoward incident in the workplace. It protects the workers and compensates them for the injuries they may incur. They are covered financially on the days they are unable to work because of the said injuries.

At the same time, this insurance also protects the client in case of project delays and other unforeseen events.

There are hundreds of welding companies in Canada and the U.S. Some accept simple home renovation projects while there are companies that can handle welding for huge structures. Choose one with the right certifications, a good reputation, and wide experience. With these simple suggestions, you can rest assured that your dream home or commercial building project is in good hands. Browse online or ask for recommendations from your friends and business partners.

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