What Should You Have for Modern Living in a Cabin?

May 31, 2020
modern log cabin

What comes to your mind when someone tells you they will be out in the woods for the weekend? You may be thinking about them being in a secluded area surrounded by trees and various animals, and they would only have the most primitive contraptions. But cabin design and technology have come a long way. You can still live with modern sensibilities even if you are out in the middle of nowhere. You only need to know which ones you should pack.

Satellite TV and Radio

If you are in the middle of nowhere, you should still have an entertainment device to save you from boredom. Traditional terrestrial towers may not be able to reach you, but there is a good chance that those that are using satellite technology will. The great thing about satellites is that they are orbiting Earth in space, which means that beaming signals to and from them would not be difficult. That will give you crystal-clear feeds to either your TV box or radio. You also have to make sure that the equipment you have is capable of supporting this.

Security System

cctv cameras

Being out there in the woods can be a scary proposition. After all, you will be far away from civilization, and some problems could arise, though. The authorities could have a hard time locating you if you need help. You also have to worry about unknown people reaching your property. It is still the woods after all, and having someone walk around your premises can be deemed suspicious.

For you to have peace of mind, you need to have a decent security system. It would be great to have cameras all around to act as your eyes, scouring for unknown people so that you can be ready for them in case they are planning to do something.


You need to make sure that people can reach you or vice versa, even if you are far away from home. A smartphone becomes a necessary tool for you, provided that the cellular signal in the area is secure. If you have not researched that, it will do you a favor if you do so beforehand. As a side note, most smartphones also have GPS capabilities, so you can use them to your advantage while you are out there.

But there are places where the cellular towers cannot even reach. For areas like that, you can use a satellite phone. Much like its TV and radio brethren, it uses signals coming from outside the planet to establish your connection to others, wherever you may be. Having a means of communication is vital so that you have a way to ask for help in case you find yourself in an emergency.

Now you can live in your cabin without sacrificing some of modern life’s greatest inventions. You can still enjoy being closer to nature. At the same time, you can keep yourself entertained and connected to the people you know. That is proof that you can have some modern aspects as is while you modify the others without sacrificing the essence of your stay.

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