What Is the Average Cost of Repainting Kitchen Cabinets?

June 6, 2019
Repairing the kitchen cabinets

The price of repainting kitchen cabinets in Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah can cost at least $170, but most homeowners usually spend $380 and $1,070.

Labor fees account for a large share of your expenses. Some contractors might charge per hour or square foot. You should expect to pay from $20 to $50 per hour for the cost of labor, while per-linear-foot prices may range between $30 and $60. You should ask how a contractor measures linear feet or if there’s a flat hourly rate for simple projects.

The Cost of Materials

If you plan to buy your materials, prepare to spend up to $600 for paint and rollers among other supplies. A budget of $900 could be just enough for repainting cabinets in a 150-square-foot kitchen. You can’t repaint existing fixtures without removing the underlying finish, and this might cost an extra $600 depending on the cabinets’ condition.

When you choose the type of paint, it’s better to use latex-based products because of the lower level of volatile organic compounds that contribute to indoor air pollution. Latex paint also dries quickly, which means a shorter time required to hire a professional.

Could You Do It Yourself?

Man painting the kitchenRepainting kitchen cabinets will be a lot cheaper when you decide to do it by yourself. It’s possible, but there are certain things that you should consider before picking up a brush. DIY projects for a 150-square-foot kitchen could take around 10 hours, excluding the required time to remove old finishing. The long waiting time usually happens because you need to air-dry paint before applying a new coat.

Don’t forget to remove old paint, stains, marks, and lacquer on the surface. You might also need to use sandpaper to prepare the surface. This is important to make sure that the new paint sticks completely. Otherwise, it won’t take long before you need to redo the project and spend more money than necessary. The same applies for not using the right primer that may cause you to create different shades of the paint color.

Refinish or Repaint?

Refinishing an old kitchen cabinet will be more expensive than repainting it. The former includes a new application of paint with extra steps. The average price of refinishing cabinets range from $1,800 and $2,800, which doesn’t seem like a good investment, unlike installing new ones.

A new installation will require you to spend a higher upfront cost, but you can expect better results since you get to choose the right fixture from the handles to the style. Even when you hire a professional to refinish a cabinet, they can’t fix problems such as loose-fitting panels and hinges.

If your kitchen cabinets have been used for more than ten years, it might be a better idea to install new ones, especially for those who plan to sell their houses. A paint job for kitchen cabinets should not cost more than half the price of a new installation to be budget-friendly. Remember that a replacement is better when cabinets have a weak structural framework or unpleasant designs.

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