What Factors Attract Pesky Rodents to Your House?

June 13, 2020

Having an infestation problem like rats is both harmful and problematic for your health. You might suddenly see some of the usually shy creatures in the middle of the day, in places you don’t expect them to be. If so, that could be a sign of an infestation under your roof. While you can always call up a reliable exterminator to address any problems, you might still be wondering what brought them to your home in the first place.

Here are some big attractors that you should keep an eye out for in the future:


Rats are nesting creatures and will likely be in search of environments that are conducive for them to hide in and breed. If they feel safe from external factors that could be harmful and find a decent shelter to tide them by throughout harsher seasons, they will likely make their brood there.

While everyone knows they can slip through cracks and crevices, what makes a homey environment for them are any large piles they can nest in. That means firewood, shrubbery, old furniture, or piled up items hoarded over time. Keeping everything neat and in order will give them fewer areas to make their nests in. It would also be wise to close any possible entry points in the home and make sure you don’t make any piles outside if you have a yard.

Stagnant water

As with any living creature, these pests need water to survive. So if they find a space with a reliable water source that they can have easy access to, they will want to stick around that area. If you have any bodies of water in any place that don’t see much movement, those can attract a rodent population.

So keep a close watch if you have a swimming pool, pet bowls left outside, or any holes that accumulate rainwater over time. Not only do these stagnant water sources give them the nourishment they need, but they also could cause you diseases if you are drinking from a water source you may not know is shared with these rodents. Plus, that can also bring another pesky problem in mosquitoes.


food waste

It’s quite impossible to never have any food around the house. The best way to avoid attracting rodents is by cleaning up right after eating, avoiding any leftovers and crumbs left throughout the house, and making sure that you are maintaining proper garbage disposal. If trash is left exposed and stays there for long, it is like a smoke signal for rats to make their way to your home. If you have any pets, it would also be wise to make sure that they don’t have any leftovers and crumbs. If they eat wet food, make sure you clean their bowls and eating areas from any residue. Food containers for both humans and pets should be adequately stored and sealed well.

These are the most significant factors that contribute to rat infestations, and they increase during the winter season because rodents are looking for a warm place to stay. Rodents invade over 21 million U.S. homes every winter. You should take the time to ensure that they don’t reach yours.

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