5 Ways to Add a Decorative Touch to Walls and Ceilings

February 28, 2023
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  • Wallpaper, murals, and fabric wall art give walls a decorative touch.
  • Window coverings can be used to add texture and control light levels.
  • Rag rolling, sponging, and stippling techniques create unique textures on walls.
  • Wall hooks or organizers provide function and color.
  • Moldings can add a classic and sophisticated look to any space.

When it comes to home decor, walls, and ceilings are often overlooked. However, they are the perfect canvas to add character and personality to any space. You can transform a plain and boring room into a warm and inviting one by incorporating decorative elements. This article will explore five simple and creative ways to add a decorative touch to your walls and ceilings. These ideas will inspire you to take your home decor to the next level, from painting techniques to wallpapers.

1. Utilize Wallpaper and Murals

Wallpapers are an easy way to decorate walls with patterns or prints. These days, wallpapers come in various styles — from classic florals and stripes to bold geometric designs. Even better, they’re easy to install if you have experience with basic home improvement projects. Alternatively, you can hire a professional painter or contractor to do the job for you. If wallpaper isn’t your thing, consider installing a mural in an entire room or as an accent wall. Murals are a great way to instantly add color and personality to any space.

You can also consider using fabric or paper to create wall hangings for a unique look. Fabric wall art gives room dimension and texture, while paper makes it easy to create your own designs that reflect your personal style. For example, if you’re creative, you could collage photographs and prints or paint a patterned mural on the wall. If you’re not feeling particularly artistic, you could purchase large-scale wall art from a store or gallery.

2. Utilize Window Coverings as Wall Decor

Window coverings are an often-overlooked way to decorate walls. Consider using curtains or blinds to create a cozy atmosphere, add privacy, and control light levels. They also come in an array of textures and colors to find something that matches your aesthetics. To make it even more decorative, hang fabric drapes around the windows or use patterned roman shades to add a unique touch.

3. Add Textures to Your Walls

young couple painting at home with light green paint

Adding texture to your walls is a great way to make the room more interesting and unique. This will give your space dimension and the illusion of a larger room.

Here are some tips for adding textures:

Rag Rolling

Rag rolling is a great way to add texture to your walls and bring out different colors in the room. To do this technique, you must mix a paint color of your choice with a glaze or thinned joint compound. Use a rag or sponge to roll the mixture onto the wall in sweeping strokes, creating an attractive mottled effect. The more layers you apply, the richer and more intense the texture.


Sponging adds an elegant and refined look to any space. This technique requires you to use two paint colors — one for the base coat and another for the top coat. Take a damp sea sponge, dab it into the top color, and lightly stamp it onto the wall. You can create various looks depending on how much pressure you use and where you place each dab.


Stippling is a simple but effective technique that creates an eye-catching texture on your walls. To achieve this look, use a paintbrush to apply dots or dashes in random patterns over your base coat. This will give the room added depth and dimension — making it stand out from the rest.

Faux Finishes

For a truly spectacular look, consider using faux finishes such as stone, marble, or wood grain effects on your walls. These textures provide a realistic finish that adds richness and sophistication to any space. A faux finish can also be a great way to update an outdated wall without completely overhauling it.

4. Hang a Hook Rack or Wall Organizer

hook rack in bathroom with towels

If you’re looking for ways to add color and function, consider installing a hook rack or wall organizer on an empty wall. These are great for hanging coats, scarves, hats, or other items that need to be close at hand. Plus, they come in various styles and colors — so you can easily find one that fits your aesthetic.

5. Utilize Moldings

Moldings are an excellent way to add a decorative touch to any space. They come in various shapes and styles — from crown molding to chair rails and baseboards. Consider adding some high-quality square nose molding to your walls and ceilings for a classic look that stands the test of time. This molding is a great way to add texture and interest to any room, as well as a touch of classic style. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, square nose molding is a perfect choice.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to give walls and ceilings a decorative touch without breaking the bank. Whether you want to add color, texture, or organizational space — these five ideas are a great place to start. With creativity and planning, you can easily transform any interior space into something special. So don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it!

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