Vital Childproof Add-ons and Modifications for Your New Home

January 10, 2019
Small baby near safety gate of stairs

Growing families need the right home to accommodate their increasing number and needs. For this reason, you want to ensure that your new home will be able to accommodate you properly through this important phase in your life, especially if you have hyperactive children with you. Your house should be tough enough to handle their abuse and, at the same time, safe enough for them to stay in. If you want to keep your newly purchased home intact, spare yourselves from accidents and avoid shelling out money for repairs and medical expenses. Follow these handy suggestions for childproofing your home:

Childproof Your Electronics and Appliances

We have all heard about horror stories involving children and electronics in many households. Of course, you do not want them to come true in your own home. Make sure to secure your appliances that can possibly fall or topple over with fasteners and hide items. Purchase outlet covers for your sockets to prevent accidental electrocution.

Assess Your Walls

Your walls are also a concern that you need to address, so take the time to check them out. The commonly used kinds of paint are known to contain harmful chemicals and compounds that are detrimental to your children’s health. Hence, you should use variants that are eco-friendly and odorless. If your children are into scribbling and doodling with various art materials, then you had better use washable paint on your walls; otherwise, you will have a hard time cleaning them—unless you actually do not want to erase their work.

Childproof cupboardCheck Your Windows

Drapes and curtains may make for a better aesthetic appeal, but that will not matter if you are jeopardizing the safety of your children. Go for the sturdier yet classier options such as shutters in Fair Haven. These shutters can blend well with any design that you have while dissuading your kids from tugging at window treatments. Also, get your window locks childproofed as well since children are capable of unlocking ordinary ones, which can lead to trouble.

Childproof Your Bathroom

This area of your home has plenty of safety hazards, so you would want to secure it for the sake of your children. Get toilet lid locks for sealing up your toilet bowls to prevent them from drowning. Have your medicine cabinet locked up to avoid ingestion, poisoning, and choking. It is also possible to suffer from scalding if you have water heating, so get countermeasures such as anti-scalding devices hooked up on your showerheads and faucets. Make sure to unplug your hairdryer and other electronic items when not in use as they can lead to electrocution.

Investing in your children’s safety is one of the factors in your family life that you should never skimp on. These upgrades to your house may be pricey, but they will go a long way in keeping your kids away from harm. You would want to see them grow up happy and healthy after all, so put some effort into ensuring that they will.

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