Interior Design: How You Can Upgrade Your Home This Year

January 13, 2022
interior design

You may be a new homeowner who needs to design the interiors to your liking, or you may have had your home for several years and wish to create a unique look. If you just purchased a house and lot package, these interior design trends sweeping the world in 2022 would come in handy.

Style Follows Function

The pandemic is still raging around the globe. In the United States, Reuters reported that on January 3, there were almost a million new Covid-19 cases, setting a world record for daily cases. It was nearly double the previous U.S. record a mere week before. As of January 1, 95.4 percent of the U.S. cases were caused by the new Omicron variant, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because of this situation, homeowners are prioritizing function in improving their homes.

There is a need to provide a holding area by the house entrance where everyone and everything must undergo disinfection before further entering the home. A bench can include storage for disinfecting solutions while providing seating while removing shoes such as boots. There are slim cabinets that can enhance the foyer’s look while hiding shoes. Footwear worn outside the house must not be used in the house. Packages must be disinfected. Packaging materials must immediately be thrown into a receptacle outside the home. A table in the foyer will make it more convenient to disinfect packages.

The need for regular disinfection also dictates the type of materials used in the home. For instance, it is not advisable to use wooden or laminated floors and tabletops because these can be damaged by disinfecting solutions. Tiles made of ceramics or stone can better withstand such routines.

Floor rugs can provide warmth, but it is best to choose ones that can easily be thrown into the washing machine for regular washing. Use the same considerations when choosing fabrics for curtains and throw pillows. All these must now be washed at shorter intervals than before the pandemic. To avoid having to go out to have things laundered, make sure the washing machine and dryer can handle everything at home.

New Room Uses

a bedroom

Another new need brought about by the pandemic is the home office. Most companies have postponed their return to office schedules, many with an indefinite timetable. Recent developments with Omicron will surely push this further. Also, many people now prefer to work from home full-time.

There must be a designated space for the home office to maximize productivity. If more than one family member is working from home, each must use a noise-canceling headset and microphone set to filter out sounds in the background.

An ergonomically designed desk and chair will prevent back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. It is also best to get a desk that can also be used as a standing desk. According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for long hours leads to obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and high sugar levels. It is best to alternate between sitting and standing while working.

If there are school-aged children doing distance learning, there must also be a dedicated space for their virtual classes. They are even more easily distracted than adults. Hence, this will help them focus and concentrate.

In case anyone in the family gets infected by Covid-19 but does not need hospitalization, there must be a bedroom prepared for isolation. Ideally, it must have its own complete bathroom suite. Because the isolated patient must eat in the bedroom, it must be furnished with a mini dinette.

Bringing in Nature

If it is possible to add more and bigger windows to the home, this is best to maximize ventilation. A well-ventilated space has greater chances of dissipating the virus. Keep as many windows as possible open whenever the weather allows it.

Having many windows also allows more light into the home’s interiors. This not only lessens the need to turn on lights during the day, saving on energy costs, but it also brings in a joyful vibe. If the windows look out into a garden with trees, bushes, and flowers, this further elevates the general mood in the home.

If there is no greenery outside, decorate your interior space with plants. You can choose ornamental plants or grow edible vegetables, fruits, and herbs indoors. There are special indoor growing lights that can take the place of sunlight. There are also decorative hydroponic plant systems you can purchase. Some of these can even be used as living wall décor. Having plants inside the house brings vibrant energy. This is why it has become a global trend during the pandemic.

Even if other variants of Covid-19 appear, homeowners can stay safe and comfortable in homes designed to meet all their needs. Interior designing is not just a whim.

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