Top Three Ways to Create a Stress-Less Office

January 4, 2019

Everyone is well aware that offices are riddled with stressors. This is not just because there is a ton of work to accomplish or drama with clients to smooth out. It is precisely your office environment that is triggering the stress.

You should not be surprised by your employees’ low productivity and efficiency if your workplace is filled with too much clutter and noise. If you want people to work best and be their best, you should be able to provide a less stressful environment for them.

Here are ways to reduce the different stressors in your workspace.

Reconsider the layout of your office

How your office is arranged is not only a matter of what looks pleasing to the eyes, but also a consideration of how people can move around efficiently and freely. If it takes so much effort for people who need to huddle to come together, then you might need to rethink how desks and furniture are laid out.

Similarly, if your employees find it difficult to concentrate on their individual tasks, then you would have to rethink your open-concept floor plan. You should also consider ergonomic office fitouts Melbourne builders provide. Observe how your employees use the space. Ask yourself which particular spaces restrict movement or make work difficult. From there, adjust your office design and layout.

Limit the noise


Apart from poor layout, noise is also a big stressor at offices. Usually, this is a problem common in open-plan workplaces. Employees would get stressed out at co-employees talking on their phones, gadgets pinging, air conditioning units buzzing, fingers tapping into keyboards, feet stomping on the floor and many more sounds simultaneously happening.

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to reduce these noises. One is by using sound-friendly furniture pieces and fixtures. Consider having carpeted or vinyl flooring, couches, acoustic panels and wall partitions to keep the noises at a minimum. You can also add a dedicated quiet room, where employees in need of a break can drop by and linger for a while.

Bring the outdoors in

Biophilic design, or the inclusion of plants and natural elements in interiors, has gained more popularity recently because of its benefits to people’s well-being, counteracting the ill effects of the fast-paced modern lifestyle. The theory is that when people can engage with nature, they are able to find relief from stress and improve thought processes—the very things you want to produce in your employees.

So, go biophilic in your interiors. Introduce mood-boosting plants, such as ivy, geraniums and lavender. You may want to place a vertical garden as well in some of your walls. Furthermore, open up your windows and let natural light in. A dose of sunshine every day can lift your employees’ spirits.

Stress is part of everyday life in the workplace. But there are ways to keep it to a minimum so as not to interfere with your employees’ productivity. Remember these tips as you revamp your office and make it a stress-less workspace.

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