Three Tricks to Turn Your Yard Into the Perfect Party Place

April 12, 2019
Backyard landscape of house

It’s the dilemma of every homeowner who likes to host parties: big gatherings, limited indoor space. Thankfully, the solution is simple: take it outside.

Your yard makes for the perfect entertainment area for guests. It’s open and airy. It’s bright in the day. It could be dramatic and dreamy at night. And the best of all, you’re in the company of nature, the hydrangea blooms and weeping willow trees in sight.

Spruce up your yard this weekend then and make it the perfect party place for your family and friends.

Start with the seats.

There should be a seating area in your outdoor space so that people can relax better and enjoy the conversations. A sectional sofa is big enough to accommodate four to six people, and they provide structure for your chitchat area. You can place it around the fire pit to make the space a little homier.

You may also choose a retaining wall seating area. This can offer a lot more seats than outdoor furniture. Plus, it matches well with your concrete floors, curbing and borders. Make sure though to balance out the hard edges and rough feel with seat cushions and throw pillows.

Of course, don’t forget to dedicate a space for your alfresco. That should add more seating areas to your yard, as well. Use umbrellas, pergolas or better yet, install motorized retractable awnings to keep the space shaded. Trees are good options too to keep the nature vibe.

Add a cooking area.

A party becomes all the more homey and exciting when there’s live cooking. Imagine the aromas of herbs and spices filling the air and the sounds of meat sizzling and hitting the hot grill. These all add to the entire celebratory vibe.

You can always pull the grill out from the garage, but it’s best if you can build a home base for your grill right at your yard so you won’t have to go through any hassle. While you’re at it, add a space for food preps and clean-ups after.

A butcher block countertop and a sink are nice-to-haves for your cooking area. Do remember though that when you build your outdoor kitchen, it will be exposed to certain elements, and thus would need proper maintenance. Clean your grill regularly and make sure to cover it after use.

Play with colors and lighting.

Backyard of blue house

Colors and lighting are elements that influence the mood in a space. If you’re trying to make your outdoor room conducive for entertaining guests, you shouldn’t overlook these two.

In terms of colors, go with bright colors, like reds and yellows, as your accents to offer visual variety from the repeated greens and browns in your garden. Use these hues in your outdoor furniture and landscaping structures, like pergolas and partitions.

In terms of lighting, natural light is, of course, the best. But again, awnings and draperies are important for shade. When it’s night time, use string lights, dimmable electric lamps or candles for a relaxed mood.

The key to hosting large parties despite a small home is taking the fun out to your yard. Use your outdoor space the next time you invite family and friends over.

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