Three Loft Conversions to Consider for Your Next Home Renovation

March 6, 2019
couple renovating their house

If the home renovation project you are planning right now is all about gaining extra space in the house without having to go all out with construction, a loft conversion is the way to go.

Loft conversion companies in Bromley may advise you about a Velux, Dormer or Mansard loft conversion, depending on the current status of your home, your plans and of course, your budget. Let’s take a closer look at these three options.

Velux Loft

The term Velux stems from the foremost manufacturer of roof windows—thus, a Velux loft conversion is more about using the roof light in your loft. Among the different types of loft conversion, this is the most cost-effective and simplest because homeowners may not be required to get a planning commission to do this.

Velux loft conversions do not entail altering of the roofing structure to use the space underneath it. The loft will not extend beyond the original lines of the roof and will only use the roof angle for window installation. This loft conversion is done for properties with spacious headroom or in areas where there are planning constraints. Velux loft conversions can be quickly implemented because it is fairly simple to accomplish.

Windows are installed at the roof angle to let in natural light. Although this will look great because of the fair amount of illumination and fresh air, it can be quite troubling during the summer or at night, however. So, make sure your Velux loft conversion is paired with dedicated window blinds.

Dormer Loft Conversion

worker renovating roof of houseThis type of conversion can be done to extend an already existing roof to allow additional floor space and headroom. The extension usually comes from the slope of the roof and mostly at the rear end of the building. This conversion can be done in various styles, and some can improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the whole house. Dormer lofts give homeowners extra space with a horizontal ceiling and vertical walls arising from the roof slope.

A dormer loft conversion can be a flat roof or a gable fronted and hipped. A flat roof dormer is not very attractive, but it is the most affordable conversion to do if you have limited headroom. People with an extra budget will go for the latter two dormer types of conversion because they are more attractive with a slightly complex design.

Mansard Loft Conversion

This loft conversion comes from the 17th-century French architect Francois Mansart. He had unique roof designs, and this loft conversion attributed to his name provides maximum space attainable from a converted loft.

Mansard roof is created with double slopes, which are closer to each other. Builders need to raise gable walls on both sides of the property to achieve the desired space before creating a timber frame for the loft conversion. This conversion is usually done on older properties to create a back wall and a flat roof. To make it look appealing, small dormer windows can be added too.

You can choose among these and other types of loft conversion for your property to get that much needed extra space. Builders can help you out from conceptualisation to the actual renovation of your home.

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