The Three-Step Method of Transforming the Home

March 7, 2019
Worker painting the wall

After years of living in the same house, you might need change. There are so many ways to create a new home out of your old house. You don’t even need to spend thousands of dollars to make a significant change. All it takes is a little subtracting, replacing, and adding. Let’s put them all in action:

Step One: Subtracting

If you haven’t been living in a cage, you have probably heard of the KonMari method by now. This is an excellent first step to building a new home out of the ruins of your old house without spending any money. After all, you’re removing clutter to free up space and open yourself to new possibilities.

Check all your belongings and ask yourself if they still spark joy in your life. Alternatively, think about their place in the future. Items you have not seen in years will probably have to go, especially if you couldn’t even remember that you still had them. Donate them to a shelter in Herriman, Utah, to give them a new home. Or sell them in a garage sale to get more money for step three of this method.

Step Two: Replacing

Organized home closetOnce your house has been decluttered, you will see parts and places that need a little TLC. That closet that has been stuffed with clothes might now be empty, but before you use it to store other items, check its integrity. That floor might be nearing the end of its life and looking worn beyond repair. Replace it with beautiful hardwood flooring to awaken your home and give it a new look.

This part of changing the house is perfectly situated after removing clutter and before adding new items into the house. Think of the first step as returning your house to its base form, and replacing old parts is how you transition into its new look. All faulty locks must also be replaced at this time, and if you have any wardrobe needing repainting, get to them before proceeding to the final step.

Step Three: Adding

This is the part that will cost money, but that’s subject to your budget constraints, of course. Many who are not planning to spend a dime will be content with just the KonMari method of decluttering. You are turning your house into a new home, however. Go ahead and buy those new cushions or curtains. These will not cost too much to be a pain in your budget, but they can revive your feelings about the house.

More significant additions include new partitions, especially when you’re trying to add a new room to the house. You also need to spend on storage cabinets to go with that new room. Then again, if you have gotten rid of some stuff from the first step, your need for storage space will be minimal.

If, however, you are planning to add a baby into the household, you will need to spend money on the baby’s things. Thankfully, you have nine months to get everything sorted out. Anyone will agree that a house feels more homely with a child bringing laughter to its residents, and if you’re ready for the responsibility, don’t let anything hold you back.

Whoever said you need to move to a bigger or smaller house just to move forward with your life? If you’re perfectly fine where you are but you’re craving for a little makeover on a budget, start subtracting, replacing, and adding to your house now.

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