The Finishing Touch: What to Look For Door Handles

January 7, 2019

Door handles may appear to be accessories that are too small to warrant excruciating decision-making for the home. In reality, these serve a big purpose alongside with the door in letting people in and out of the room. Thus, considerations for its use and purpose need to be highly thought out. Homes that have properly handpicked and installed door knobs and levers often exude a sense of the home being deliberately and consciously put together down to the last detail.

Expected location of the door

What do the front door, powder room door, and bedroom doors have in common? They all receive the most number of traffic in the house every single day. When choosing architectural door handles, it’s best to maximise its lifespan by selecting a type that is heavy-duty and can withstand wear and tear brought on by regular use.

Equip-design reported two features necessary for this aspect: the resistance to weathering of the material and the colour. The latter is essential especially for homes that also have elderly owners. Doors handle come in many styles and colours, so the best thing to do is avoid handles that have the same colour as the door.

Advanced finishes

Door handle with construction worker figures
Stainless steel has always been a top choice, but interior technology has changed with the times. Now more types of finishes may be pricier but offer better protection against wear and tear. According to 3Vahl, the top finishes in the market today include electroplating, PVD, and powder coating.

Electroplating makes use of deposits into the material of the base so that the finish can be wholly matched with other metallic surfaces on the door including hinges and fittings. Physical vapour deposition or PVD is a good alternative to electroplating. Finally, powder coating is used in conjunction with an electrostatic gun. For architectural door handles, the process strengthens the material. Choosing the right finish for your space is dependent on the kind of motif and layout of your home. Opt for the basic finishes and colours when in doubt, particularly since more advanced finishes will probably have these colours available.

Style and suitability

Knobs are a favourite in modern spaces. In Architectural Digest’s compilation, knobs and levers were the designers’ top choices. A good tip to go by is that knobs are a classic touch but levers, especially minimalist ones that have little to no detail except for the body, can be more striking for modern spaces. The key to using door handles in the context of modern interior design is that it is more focused on the functional rather than the decorative aspect of the item.

Because it is the first thing that homeowners and visitors touch, it is important to ensure that the door handle in the home is one that can sustain the wear and tear and complete the overall look. The overall verdict in any residential interior design is that the home and its elements should reflect the homeowner’s personality–and one way to do this would be the colourful doorknob.

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