The Demand for Home Improvement May be Your Golden Ticket

January 15, 2019
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It seems the average millennial homeowner is never satisfied with how their house looks. They bought it bare because they wanted to let their creativity shine while designing their abode. That means plenty of DIY projects going wrong and good but boring tiles needing a face-lift. Don’t think less of these homeowners, especially because they might just be the secret to a thriving business.

Trends Come and Go

If there’s one thing to define millennials, it’s their awareness of trends and how impermanent they are. This doesn’t mean all clients of a company or franchise offering professional tile and grout cleaning services have to deal with millennials looking to follow trends. Some choose to go the opposite direction, avoiding trendy designs as much as they can. They may do this thinking they’ll save money, or it might be a matter of principle to never follow what everyone considers trendy.

In any case, your business should offer enough services and options to cover both sides of the spectrum. For trendy homeowners, offer tiles in the Pantone color of the year. For those swimming against the current, offer cleaning services paired with their evergreen tile choices, so they know they won’t have to worry about tile replacement anytime soon.

Minds Change

Fickle is the mind of those who get ideas from every medium they encounter. Social media may be saying one color brings good luck, while trade magazines may be suggesting a certain product to save money for years. Your clients could have tiles they liked five years ago but now despise or find boring, which necessitates change.

This means they need new options, from regrouting to complete replacement altogether. Others may go as far as wanting to renovate the whole kitchen. This means good business for your company if you offer them a complete renovation package.

Budgets Expand

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A new homeowner may be looking for a starter home, which is not the best in terms of quality or appearance. As they slowly pay off their mortgage and increase their income, they look into purchasing a better home or improving the one they already have. That means the cheap and generic tiles in their kitchen or bathroom may have to go.

Now, would it be better to target clients with a strict budget or to focus on those who can spend more? You’ll get more clients if you have a range of products at each price point. For starter homes, have tiles that are of good quality and are durable. For clients with a bigger budget to spare, flaunt your collection of premium tiles and backsplash that will call to their need for stylish interiors. By expanding your product and service offerings, you’re positioning your company to be the only one they’ll need no matter how they change their house.

Each millennial homeowner wants their house to be unique even as they keep trends in mind. To keep your business running, offer a range of products that will answer whatever needs they have.

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