Suffering from Temperature Variation? 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

August 23, 2021
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Does the temperature inside your house fluctuate from room to room? Perhaps your electricity consumption has increased, but you haven’t felt any difference in how your HVAC system cools or warms up your house. If you’ve been feeling the consequences of temperature variation without any concrete idea why, then it’s time to get to the root of the problem. The issue isn’t always the technology in your house or the weather condition outside.

There’s a huge possibility that you’ve neglected some factors that are causing the air to leak or too much sunlight to warm up your home.

Here are five of the most common mistakes homeowners make that are worth noting to solve your problem:

Neglecting Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping deteriorates over time. As such, it’s important that you check on them regularly to know when it’s time for replacements. Such a simple habit can save you from unpleasant and expensive consequences in the long run. Renewing the weatherstripping of your doors and operable windows will prevent air from leaking out, as well as outdoor air from coming in. Your HVAC system will stop overworking itself as a result because the temperature will be more stable indoors.

There are many ways you can check if you need new weatherstripping, such as by running a wet finger along your window’s casing, or by sliding a dollar bill between the door-jamb and the door. Make sure that you get the appropriate weatherstripping, too, as there are many kinds out there that achieve slightly different results.

Neglecting Your Skylight

Skylights enable you to enjoy natural lighting, but it also invites warmth that can make your space uncomfortable. This is why it’s important to have roof blinds. Having one installed will help you control the amount of light and warmth that you let in through your skylight. On particularly hot days, opt to have your blinds on, as this will reduce the effort that your HVAC system will exert.

Always opt for high-quality roof blinds, because anything substandard will fail to serve its purpose and might even be detrimental to your curb appeal.

Neglecting Your Drapes

Your choice of drapes can impact the temperature in your home, too. If you’ve been decorating with sheer curtains, then it’s no wonder you’re too cold during the winter. The same applies when you do so in the summer and you feel too hot and icky.

The most recommended drapes for households are block-out curtains and window shutters. The heavier and thicker they are, the better. You can keep the warmth of summer away by pulling the drapes close, and you can simply push them aside to let some sunlight in during winter without inviting the cold in. Either way, they are your best investment when it comes to treating temperature variation.

Neglecting HVAC Options

Having an HVAC unit might not always be enough. You might be stuck with one that doesn’t operate well given the design of your home’s interior. Before buying one, it’s best to consult with a professional so that you can get the brand and design that you need.

Some houses, for example, simply don’t allow you to maintain a uniform temperature from room to room. Those with families might also have difference preferences in heating and cooling, which makes HVAC zoning system the best solution.

Zoning enables you to customize the temperature per zone or room. You may continually adjust it as needed, especially if some rooms naturally receive more or less sunlight due to their location. You’ll find that it’s also more cost-efficient for some households.

Neglecting Practical Solutions

After you’ve ticked off this list and you’re still unsatisfied, it’s worth taking on another practical solution. Installing a ceiling fan is one of them. While it may not blow out cool air like an AC, it is quite efficient in keeping the temperature in any room tolerable.

More importantly, it’s an inexpensive solution. There are many brands and designs out there that are sold at affordable rates. If you want another added convenience, purchase one that also has a light fixture. Opt for a control system that is simple even for children to use. It might surprise you how such a simple installation can have a drastic impact on your indoor temperature.

There are times when the problem is more extensive than what you are capable of diagnosing and addressing. Should this be the case, always seek professional help. There might be something in your attic, basement, or roof that needs fixing, and hiring experts will get you the results you need.

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