Stay Warm in Winter With Proper Home Preparation

December 20, 2019
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If you have no experience with winter, the approaching cold can be troubling. No worries, though. All you need is proper preparation and you will enjoy the snowfall inside a warm and comfortable home. To make this possible, here are some tips that should help you out:

Clear Out the Pests

This is something that people don’t often realize. When it gets colder, sharing your home with vermin and pests can be very troublesome. It does not help that the warmth of your home attracts them. That is why when the weather starts to get colder, you should take measures to get rid of pests and prevent them from coming back.

A visit from the exterminator should handle pest elimination. Prevention is more difficult. A good idea would be to seal cracks and holes in your home’s exterior. This stops rodents and insects from entering your abode. If you have a chimney, you should have a screened vent to stop pests from coming in that way.

Have Your Heating Looked Over

Your heating system needs a professional inspection. Checking it out yourself will only give you a general idea of its condition. A professional would be able to find out if there are minor problems that can affect your heating system’s performance. Calling a professional is also necessary if you need it fixed. Boiler repair services in Provo, Utah and other nearby places are easy enough to find.

Your heating system is not only your furnace and boiler. It also includes the ducts and vents. Cleaning these will ensure that the heat goes to the various parts of your house with no problem.

Protect Yourself From Water Freezing

Winter drops the temperature to freezing levels and that is bad for your pipes and drains. When water freezes, it ends up clogging and damaging both of them. This is bad news for you if the result is burst pipes. That is why you need to insulate your pipes and water lines. Additionally, you might want to clear the external pipes of water.

For your drains and downspouts, you should clean all the leaves and dirt inside them. This is because they can create ice dams. If left alone, by the time spring comes, you will need repairs for them and maybe your walls for water damage.

Pay Attention to the Roof

You will want to check the roof for leaks. Melting snow can enter your home this way and damage your house. Besides that, these leaks are another way for heat to escape your house. Combine the repairs with shingle checks to ensure that your roof will be able to handle the weight of snow.

Insulation is Important

Indoors during winter

An inexpensive way to keep the heat in and the cold out is proper insulation. Windows are the usual culprits, so insulating them is a good idea. Adding insulation to the walls is another useful suggestion. In the long run, the insulation can help reduce your heating bills.

The first winter can be a big surprise for many people. It can be even worse in a household that is not prepared. That is why the tips above can be a big help. Your house should be able to shelter you from the worst that the winter can throw at you.

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