Six Reasons Your Cat Is Spraying and How to Stop It

February 19, 2019
cat relaxing on a warm radiator

When you bring pets into your home, they become part of the family. It becomes your responsibility to foster a positive relationship with them. Cats, like any other pets, are great animals. However, they come with additional responsibilities.

Once in a while, a cat will develop inappropriate urination tendencies. This could manifest in the form of spraying or peeing in places other than their litter box, such as your carpet. If this behavior is prolonged, you will need to engage the services of pet stain removal specialists in Provo to eliminate the odor and marks. Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem.

To avoid a repeat of the same, identify the causes as discussed below and deal with them appropriately.

Unattractive Litter Box

A litter box is a significant tool in managing an in-house cat. If it is not attractive, your cat will resort to spraying. Make it attractive to your feline friend by scooping daily and cleaning it frequently. It should also be of an appropriate size to accommodate your cat. If you have more than one cat, let each of them have a box to themselves. You can keep it near the area where they are spraying, and then keep moving it away gradually until it is in an appropriate place.

Spaying and Neutering

It is recommended that you spay or neuter your feline before they are 12 months old. Cats that are not spayed or neutered are more likely to exhibit inappropriate urination tendencies. If this is the cause, talk to your vet and have them undergo the procedure.

Threats From Other Cats

When indoor cats see outdoor cats through the door or windows, they may feel threatened and inclined to mark their territory by spraying. This way, they are leaving a message to any intruding felines that they are not welcome. Houses with multiple cats may also experience this. To stop territorial spraying, limit their view of strays. Keeping safe deterrents could also help in keeping neighborhood cats away.

Scottish Fold cat lying on the back

Unfamiliar Items

When you bring in new items to your home, your cat may spray them as a way of bonding. To avoid this, keep new items out of their reach. When having guests or after you have made new purchases, keep the things away in closed rooms or cabinets.

Disruption From the Norm

Abrupt change triggers stress in cats. Household makeovers, change in schedules, travelling of owners, and new babies could all trigger stress. When they fail to adjust to the changes, inappropriate urination may be seen as they spray to relieve their anxiety. Introduce the changes gradually, so the cat gets used to them with time.

Medical Issues

If none of the issues indicated above is the cause, your cat may be having medical issues. In this case, you will need to see a veterinarian.

Cat spraying may be a result of a complicated problem while other times, it may be caused by something as simple as a change of furniture. To handle it appropriately, first establish what could be causing it. Rule out any medical complications, ensure there is no bullying from other cats, and have their litter box in good condition. Clean up existing odor and stains to make it hard for them to identify their favorite spraying areas, and deter them from repeated marking.

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