Saving on Utility Costs Using Practical and Eco-Friendly Methods

January 4, 2019

People continuously look for ways to save money, especially during these times when prices of basic necessities such as food and utilities can become unpredictable. This factor may make saving money seem impossible. However, the truth is that you can still pull this off by making a few adjustments to your lifestyle such as going green. Here are some ways you can save on your utilities and help the environment at the same time:


Given that potable water is in limited supply and can become quite expensive, it’s best if we start conserving it and minimizing our waste. Get your plumbing inspected for possible leaks and have them repaired right away. Leaks may look small, but they can cause your bills to skyrocket. Your faucets and showerheads can be replaced by low-flow ones that consume less water but still deliver the same level of efficiency. Rainwater can also be collected for cleaning purposes. It can be gathered using collectors and barrels. Reducing your bathtub usage is also helpful since tubs require a lot of water to use.


With the increasing necessity of appliances and gadgets, our daily lives have changed to the point that we can’t be without electricity. Since the use of power can’t be avoided, what you can do is to use electricity only when you absolutely need it. It also helps to use the energy-saving versions of the devices that you can’t be without and replace the ones that reach 10 years and beyond.

Heating and Gas

Have your HVAC system checked by an expert as soon as possible, especially if you have a home that dates back to a decade or two ago. If you can afford it, get any old models replaced by newer and more eco-friendly ones. In case fixing a unit instead of replacing it is needed, you can contact a heating or cooling repair service in Salt Lake City for assistance. Check for leaks in key areas such as doorway and window frames, attics, basements, and even electrical switches, and have them covered as soon as possible. Get your home properly insulated while you’re at it so that you can further maximize your HVAC’s capacity. If your model allows for it, install programmable thermostats so that you can control when and where cooling and heating are needed in the house.


We need adequate lighting to accomplish certain tasks such as studying, working, or even just moving around the house at night. Purchase and install LED lights in your home so that you will be able to consume less power while still giving your house the illumination that it requires. Also, consider keeping large windows in your home so that you can let in more natural light. You’ll save on energy and increase your vitamin D intake at the same time.

The ways of going green mentioned above can let you hit two birds with one stone and preserve both our natural resources as well as your long-term budget. With each day that passes, the state of our environment becomes a more pressing concern for many of us. Wisely adapting to change is a must if you want to survive today’s environmentally aware world.

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