No Paint? No Problem! Wall Design Ideas for Your New Home

January 7, 2019
a purple-themed living room

You don’t need to spend a small fortune to decorate your new home’s blank walls. All you need is to be creative, imaginative, and have a scheduled plan to decorate your home. A custom children’s wallpaper from Wallpaper Warehouse will do quite well for the nursery, and fresh flowers could liven up the living room. Still, you want the apartment to stand out on your neighborhood. Here are some decoration ideas that will brighten your new home.

Set the tone with large-scale art.

If the landlord does not allow you to paint the walls, consider a customized large-scale artwork or photograph that will set the tone of the room. It depends on your style and taste, but if something big should occupy an apartment wall, it is better to choose a minimalist type of art or image. This makes small rooms look distinctive. Framed paintings are too typical. Choose an arresting art or photograph and blow it up like any piece of modern art.

Style with fabric.

You can also dress up a wall with fabrics. You can use curtains to transport your guests to another place with a tastefully printed fabric. If you can find a tapestry that goes with the furniture and interior décor, then you could create a theme for your house.

Use vertical wall storage to decorate a room.

When you have plenty of accessories to display, you could use wall storage racks as a way to decorate your house and display the items you’ve always wanted to showcase in your home. These wall racks serve as extra storage for books and clothes too so that you could use it for every room in your home.
a man holding wallpaper

Use sculpture for indoor and outdoor decor.

You can also use sculpture as part of your indoor and outdoor decor. You could also hang it from your ceiling. Keep it close to the wall if space is limited. This is an excellent way to break up a plain background. Use interesting and unique statement pieces could be a great conversation starter.

Create a living wall.

Lastly, how about bringing in plants and mounting them on the wall? There are now ways to make indoor gardens of your wall. Choose plants that thrive indoors and buy a hydroponic system that helps to keep your plants watered. However, before you set this up, ask the property owner if you can mount so many plants on the wall.

When it comes to designing your home, you can use these approaches and make your living space an exciting place to spend your rest and recreation.

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