Maximise Your Studio Flat’s Space With These Design Tips and Tricks

January 5, 2020

Walking into a furniture shop is exhilarating, especially if you're about to buy items for a new place. But as you think about the little space you have, choosing items can be tricky and intimidating. Will that cozy and high-quality sofa for sale fit in my studio? You might ask. What about the dining table?

The abundance of studio flats in Singapore and around the world gave birth to an interior design trend dedicated to limited spaces, making us realize that less can be more and small homes aren't low-quality. With the right furniture, layout, and decor, even the smallest studio flats can look spacious, airy, and luxurious.

Here are some design tips and tricks to help you maximise your studio flat space:

1. Use a Sofa-Bed

Sofa-beds are a lifesaver and staple in studio flats. As sofas, their convertible feature may not even be visible, perfectly disguising it as just a cozy sofa. You can also improvise one simply by using your twin or double bed and placing it against the wall during the day. Cover it up with a soft cloth, such as a blanket, and put down throw pillows to complete the sofa look.

2. Use Wall Dividers

Studio flats don't offer much privacy for the bathroom, so a wall divider will absolutely be handy when you have guests. They won't eat up space because they're foldable and easy to move around because they're lightweight.

3. Make an Accent Wall

If you're renting the space and aren't allowed to paint the walls, using removable peel-and-stick wallpapers is the solution. Go for abstract or bold designs to serve more definition to your space.

4. Use Mid-Century Furniture

The mid-century design doesn't go out of style. They perfectly suit small studios because they sit much closer to the floor, making your ceilings and windows seem taller than they truly are. 

5. Use Open Shelving Units

A great storage hack for small spaces is using shelves. This utilises vertical space, so you won't have to sacrifice any more floor space. From kitchenware to random knickknacks, an open shelving unit can disguise them as decorative pieces.

6. Use the Loft

Some studios come with a loft, while others have a high ceiling that you can convert into a loft. The additional area can be used as a bedroom, home office, or just about anything you want. You can also make the stairs more functional by turning each step into a storage unit.

7. Hang Big and Bold Art on the Wall

You might tend to avoid anything big for your otherwise tiny space, but consider making big art an exception. They also make for space-defining accent pieces.  

8. Use Every Corner

Studio apartment interiors

If you still have any corner that's wide enough, make that area useful by furnishing it as another living or storage space. You can place your bed in there to maximise the rest of the space or make a breakfast or banquet nook in there so that you can provide your guests with more sitting and dining spaces.

9. Place Furniture Near the Foot of the Bed

If you're not using multipurpose furniture, then a brilliant way to utilise space is by positioning your sitting room by the foot of the bed. Place non-bulky furniture in between, such as a console table, to mark the separation.

10. Use Mirrors and Drapery 

Apart from hanging drapery on your windows, consider using them as a partition for your living and sleeping areas. Drapes can make your ceilings appear taller, as well as define your space. Mounting a big mirror to the wall will further create an illusion that your space is larger than it actually is.

These clever tips and tricks will make you feel like you live in a bigger space, so use them as inspiration as you furnish your new studio flat.

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